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Low radiation insulating glass production process control

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-06-05
TheInsulating glassThe technological process includes the production process of topsheet, membrane removal, cleaning, upper frame, composite film, sealing glue, and lower film, and additional additional bending pipe, filling molecular sieve, and coating butyl rubber. The process is complex, and qualified products depend on the strict control of each production process. 1. Glass cutting: The original glass must meet the requirements of the relevant standards and can be used only after passing inspection. Glass cutting can be done by hand or machine, but it should be guaranteed to meet the size requirements. During this process, the worker should always pay attention to the surface of the glass, which must be free of scratches, uniform internal quality, and there must be no obvious defects such as air bubbles and slag inclusions. 2. Glass cleaning and drying: The glass cleaning must use the machine cleaning method. Before the cleaning, the glass must be inspected without scratches. To ensure the adhesion of the sealant and the glass, the deionized water is preferably used. After cleaning, the glass shall pass the light test to check whether the surface of the glass is free from water, water and other stains. If there are any water drops, water stains and other stains, the machine speed, heating temperature, air volume, and brush clearance shall be determined. Adjust until it is effective. The washed glass shall be assembled into an insulating glass within one hour. In addition, it shall be ensured that glass and glass are not scratched and rubbed. It is very good to have a semi-finished glass storage trolley to separate the glass sheet from the sheet. After the sealed insulating glass is placed on the A-frame, the overall appearance quality shall be checked again: whether the hollow glue has a uniform mixing degree, whether there is an empty glue, a bubble glue, or an old glue; whether the joint between the hollow glue and the butyl glue is Good, with or without a dotted line. After the hollow glue was cured for three hours, whether its surface dryness was even or not was tested. After eight hours, it was checked whether the degree of curing was qualified. The correct placement of low-emissivity insulating glass will also affect the final quality of insulating glass. The design requirements of the first stack frame, whether in production or in transport or on site, must take into account the characteristics of insulating glass. There is a certain degree of inclination. However, the bottom plane and the side should always be maintained at 90 degrees, so as to ensure that the two glass bottom edges of the insulating glass can be placed vertically on the stack. Also note that the bottom of the glass should not be stained with grease, lime, or other fillers, as they will have a different degree of attack on the second sealant of the insulating glass, which will affect the sealing performance of the insulating glass.
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