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Electrochromic glass makes business at airport burger shops soar

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-04-24
The Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in the United States installed smart glass around the gate of the A28 to reduce glare, and did not expect to have a lot of business in a neighboring chain burger shop.
The smart glass is produced by the United States "Vision" company and can filter ultraviolet rays and reduce glare, thereby improving the comfort of people when they are waiting. This intelligenceglassLast fall was installed around the A28 gate and is still in the testing phase. The British "Daily Mail" reported that, unexpectedly, after installing the glass, the business of the adjacent Twisted Root burger shop has become better. Not only did people spend more time in the store, the store sales also increased 102% year-on-year. %.
Research data show that after installing smart glass, the surface temperatures of seats, carpets, and even the clothing of passengers and the skin around the boarding gate have dropped significantly compared with ordinary glass. The average time for people to stay around the boarding gate has increased by 83. %. Sean Donohue, CEO of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, said: "The results of this study demonstrate that installing (smart) glass can reduce cooling costs and help airports keep carbon emissions low. We are happy to see its positive impact on consumer experience and changes in people's spending habits."