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Fire protection treatment of glass

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-12-02

General meet high temperature glass bursts, very poor fire resistance, fire separation requirements there is a big gap and glass curtain wall, glass material must be through fire prevention, so as to enhance the heat-resisting glass. Usually include these 2 main types of fire-resistant glass:

(1) wire glass

This glass is added to the metal mesh composite organic layer between two layers of glass or inorganic adhesive layer. Because glass added a wire mesh, overall strength and pressure resistance ability enhanced, smoke alarm and heat sensors can be connected simultaneously to the glass, to prevent fire. Wire fire-proof glass is mainly inorganic glass, organic layer for rubber or polyvinyl butyral adhesive of polyvinyl chloride, inorganic adhesive composed primarily of water and salts, including phosphates, aluminates, silicates, etc, made of stainless steel wire. There is a drawback to this glass, not too light.

(2) composite fire-proof glass

Because wire glass light transmittance is low, if the glass using a special material, would greatly increase the cost, expensive price to be accepted, more common on the market today is a transparent laminated composite fire-proof glass. This glass is usually made up of at least two layers of glass overlay, glass with transparent fireproof adhesive bonding between layers, and this glue expands. About composite fire-proof glass, primary focus on transparent fireproof adhesive bonded glass, this decision is due to the quality level of fire retardant adhesive directly to the fireGlassThe performance of.