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Installation method of heat-resistant glass

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-12-05

Heat-resistant glass is not correctly installed, will greatly reduce the life span or even accidents.
  General low temperature heat-resistant glass common glass installation method, ensure that the glass is heated and even stress.
  Resistance to high temperaturesGlassGeneral installation should be cleaned up to 500 c products, alcohol scrub, conditional use skinny water clean, clear rinse with clean, of course, conditional If you rinse with deionized water, then dried. Drying needs can not be used after cleaning hands after direct contact with the glass, to prevent further pollution of glass.
  Before installing the purpose of cleaning is to remove contaminated material on the glass, because this material at high temperatures cause crystallization, Crystal, which strongly the transparency of the glass, and also very simple to make panels will reduce. 
  At the time of installation and need a good understanding of installation methods, when tightening the screws, use diagonal rotation, ensure that the glass even with violence, but also be careful not too much strength, screw the airtight. Gasket on the glass installation need up and down pads, gaskets is a buffer of glass expansion coefficient and different metal products is not to prevent glass was destroyed. (Gasket choice and use of heat-resistant glass gasket display how to use)
  In use, minimizing hot and cold temperature of the glass, the life span of a piece of glass on a temperature for a long time longer than the regular changes of heat and cold glass.
  After selecting the appropriate heat resistant glass, completes the above three points, will ensure that the normal use of your glass.