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Frameless glass door pros and cons

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-03-17
  Frameless sliding doors, different from the aluminum doors, steel doors and other common gate is the biggest feature, its doors around the border without consolidation, push-pull doors open in the form of more convenient and efficient, but also of the doors on the space utilization.

  Frameless sliding doors use 8~12mmTempered glassDo doors, decorative boxes, tempered glass door hinge fixing or directly connected with the fixed part, the ground needed to be planted to spring. Made of glass, so the lighting is very good, Visual effects can be used to increase housing space. Following small series of frameless glass doors for everyone under the resolution of the advantages and disadvantages and structure.

  Frameless glass sliding doors


  Frameless glass sliding door does not occupy the indoor space advantages of simple and beautiful, high rate of Windows large, broad vision, lighting, doors characteristic of stress, and difficult to damage. Can choose relatively freely open locations, inlet, a slight push, open and flexible, with large pieces of glass, increasing both indoor lighting and improve the overall appearance of the building. Frameless glass sliding doors can be opened in a flat, easy to install and use window screens, curtains.


  Frameless glass sliding ventilation area is subject to certain limits, can only open one side of the door, two doors cannot be open at the same time, relative to the open air area is only half the poor ventilation.

  Frameless glass sliding doors with strong practicability, cut off the dust and noise, easy cleaning safety and maximize the light and increase the usable floor area of housing space.

  Frameless sliding structure

  Frameless sliding door types there are many on the market mainly in the glass as a material made of frameless glass sliding doors.

  General of no box glass push doors by Rails, and pulley, and door clip, and glass door, and end of feet, composition, Rails for double concave slot type, pulley sides for pulley, pulley Central tied received a hanging received bolt, hanging received bolt screw into hanging received nut, hanging received nut placed two tablets door clip of concave slot within, two tablets door clip lower clip has glass door, glass door and two tablets door clip Zhijian clip has padded, Rails by screws installation Yu Shang frames, pulley loaded Yu Rails in the, glass under end loaded Yu concave shaped anchor within, two door clip by bolt clip collection fixed glass door and the hanging received nut Hou, By tightening the nut screw tight again.

  Can be applied to many situations, and easy to install and maintain, flexible, noise-free, elegant, low cost and improving the lighting effect.
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