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Visit our summary – Daisy

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-03-21
  Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, through the factory a week internship, I learned that a lot of common sense, also has been on the exercise it is a valuable asset, is of great help for my future work. A week of production practice for me, have deep meaning!

  First, thorough knowledge of product

  Although criss-crosses the busy but orderly shop time is not very long, but through careful observation, from a workshopTempered glassAnd magnifying glass production line to the second workshop of processing mirror silver mirror mirror production lines of the workshop and then to three, in just one week, so that their awareness about the quality of company's product has been:

  1. mirror: upper → washing → Polish → washing → sensitivity → (Palladium) silver/caught in the copper plating passivation → → drying → drying → get primer → primer → primer topcoat paint curing cooling → → → drying → → → packing under mirror cleaning.

  2. tempered glass: original film cutting → grinding → → washing → LCD → → packing

  3. a magnifying glass: the original film on the cutting bending → → → → → → polishing the cleaning → sensitivity → activate → (Palladium) silver-plated → caught in the copper plating → drying → drying → get primer → primer → primer topcoat paint curing cooling → → → drying → test → film → mirror cleaning package

  4. processing mirror: cutting (square, round, oval-shaped, u-shaped)

  Edge (rounded edges, straight edge, bevel edge)


  5. insulating glass production line

  6. packing materials: carton, corrugated cardboard, plywood, plastic, mould-made paper, Pearl cotton, foam sheet, rubber pads, straps

  Second, a good working atmosphere

  Into the shop at the moment, I am shocked by scenes of the work as a whole, everything is not as bad as I thought, clean working environment organized facilities and equipment; long and rhythmic figure, this shop before I give up that messy impression. The spirit of unity and cooperation between man and man, good style in helping each other, make people feel relaxed and happy. Here, I learned to work with people, to be careful and responsible.

  Three, self-awareness of change

  In the production process, each step of each link, the slightest mistake could cause product defects are not qualified, so we must ensure every detail as perfect as possible ... So, I get it, always be careful, conscientious, perfect. No best, only better, whether it is work or life, we are down-to-Earth, step by step, slow and steady, above business, wide-eyed. In fact, one's life, like throughout the production process, each stage to take the time to operate.

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