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Glass Plank Road fragmentation technology effect too realistic to worry?

Fanyu www. glass. com. cn 2017-10-10 11:57:53
National Day, located in Hebei Handan East Taihang Scenic Area Glass Plank Road fragmentation of the technical effects of scaring tourists video on-line heat transfer. Netizens are interested in the same time also raised concerns: what if the tourists frighten to make an extreme emergency response? If the glass plank road really broken, tourists still think the special effects of security problems?
October 9, East Taihang Scenic Area staff in response to the upstream news-Chongqing Morning Post reporter said that visitors will enter the site before the special tips. The scenic spot every day will have the inspection maintenance personnel to the Glass Plank Road carries on the examination, once discovers the glass to have the fragmentation condition, will close the scenic spot to replace the glass.
September 9, tourists in Handan East Taihang Scenic Area hanging Glass plank road sightseeing experience.
The Netizen uploads the video to show, a white duck mouth hat, holding the Blue Guide flag of Middle-aged man walking to the glass plank Road, the foot of the glass plank in its foothold "fragmentation." The man's mouth uttered a startled cry, shuddering and trembling in the ground. At the same time, the left side of a pink backpack on the tourists walked calmly. Have sharp-eyed netizens found, in this section of Glass Plank Road before there is a red blanket of the trail, should be the special effects show area before the hint.
Netizens ridicule at the same time, also on the special effects of glass plank road security raised concerns. From the video middle-aged man's response, some netizens said, "Will the tourists be scared to turn over the fence?" "There are also netizens said, from the video, the effect of glass fragmentation can be almost real," if really broken, tourists do not know how to do? ”
On this, 9th morning, scenic Area office staff said, in this special effects show area before, the scenic area set up a special cue, such as suffering from heart disease, hypertension and other tourists should not enter the plank road. In addition, the scenic spot every day will arrange special inspection and maintenance personnel on the Glass plank Road to detect, once found that the glass is really broken in the situation, will be in time for the retreat to replace the site of the glass, until after the security check to continue to open.
It is understood that the East Taihang Scenic Area is located in Handan Wuan, Hebei province, due to the Taihang Mountains in Shandong and named. Planning a total area of 26 square kilometers, the highest elevation of 1428 meters. Glass Plank Road built at an altitude of 1180 meters on the head of the cliff, 266 meters long, 2 meters wide, built around the mountain, the foot is abyss. Fast to the end, there are several adjacent to the "broken Glass", with the human body induction function, the people go to where glass broken to where, and accompanied by "click" of the glass shattered sound, extremely lifelike.