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The trend of window curtain wall industry

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-10-09
   At present, doors and windows curtain wall industry has formed more than 100 large enterprises as the main body, with more than 50 production value of the backbone of the enterprise as the representative of the Technological innovation system, innovation and development become a major trend. This batch of large backbone enterprises to complete industrial output accounted for about 50% of the industry's total industrial output value, in the National key projects, the image of large and medium-sized cities, urban landmarks, foreign capital projects and foreign engineering construction, the industry has established a good market image, as the whole industry technology innovation, brand excellence, market development of the main force.
Southwest, the door and window curtain wall engineering market and the occupancy is huge, some modelling, the structure form new, odd, special's window curtain wall also appears unceasingly. The technical research and engineering application of aluminum alloy doors, windows and building curtain wall in southwest China have some differences compared with coastal area and developed city in the initial stage. However, with the continuous development of the industry, doors and windows from small-scale, simple application to today's large-scale, diverse styles, novel and widely used structure. Especially with the domestic door and window wall large companies have entered the southwest development, expand the market, Southwest now gradually and coastal cities to narrow the gap.
   By the National Building Energy conservation policy and energy crisis, energy-saving and environmental protection of aluminum alloy doors and windows, curtain wall of the use of the proportion will be greatly improved. Green consumption has become the new concept of the leading building consumer market, and the green consumption has brought huge business opportunities for aluminum alloy doors, windows and curtain walls. In order to meet the needs of green consumption, the development of high-performance, High-tech ecological building curtain walls and doors and windows, not only from the architectural appearance, curtain wall and the basic physical properties of the doors and windows themselves and the cost of thinking, but also the curtain wall and doors and windows of the overall design and ecological environment hook. Reduce pollution to the environment, to create a comfortable environment for people.
   Due to the external environment such as raw material prices, human resources costs, increase the cost of transportation and other enterprises to reduce the profits, the enterprise's liquidity in a substantial reduction. Building doors and windows curtain wall market products in order to reduce the impact of the above adverse factors, actively seek to aluminum, plastic, wood, steel four main materials, a variety of alternative materials supplemented by the diversified market structure, new materials, new technology applications will appear more new products.
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