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Glass and the doors and Windows to match the United States

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-04-05
  People\'s home is not limited to furniture floor laying, energy-saving, lighting, security and so on became one of the main requirements for modern decoration. As a very important part in the show, glass and door and window combination is gradually being appreciated.

  1, energy-saving glass mix tips

  Due to sealed air layer in the middle of much lower thermal conductivity than glass, so compared with single sheets of glass, insulating glass and insulation performance can be improved twice times for air-conditioned buildings can greatly reduce their power consumption. Summer heat insulation 70%, held indoors in the winter heating is not easy to drain and reduce heat loss by up to 40%, play the role of insulation, which will cool in summer and warm in winter becomes a reality.

  2 match, security tips

  Most security tempered glass: glass indoor and outdoor sides are made of tempered glass, indoors and significantly improves glass impact resistance and safety. Because ordinary glass 5-10 tempered glass impact resistance, flexural 3-5 times that of ordinary glass, is home safe.

  3, heat-absorbing sunscreen glass mix

  Glass doors and Windows of the room should be in heat of the Sun or poor sealage coated glass: Sun or poor sealage of room, room outside it can use heat reflective glass, indoor use an ordinary white glass. As the heat absorbing glass to absorb infrared light, can decay 20%-30% solar energy incident to reduce incoming heat in the summer, you can reduce the load on the air conditioning; in the winter, the temperature rise due to absorb infrared light, so protected from the cold outside, but also to save energy. Heat absorbing glass is made of color glass, so energy-saving at the same time, decorative effect was also evident.

  Matching glass doors and Windows of the 3 Tips just concluded here, regardless of how glass is selected, are considered from the point of standing people-oriented, to meet the requirements of home owners, so the doors and Windows installed and the time of purchase and will have a different classification, different prices, these are properties selected. Glass decorative effect is actually installed in the doors and Windows also play a very important role, thus glass match in mind, from the angle of aesthetic choices.