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Windows categories

fanyumaoyi 2017-04-06 11:11:33
  Today is on the glass doors and Windows of the small when it comes to types of knowledge when it comes to Windows, I am sure you will not feel strange, in life we can often see a variety of Windows, let small series to take you to a closer look at what Windows and window types.

  Introduction to glass doors and Windows

  FRP doors and Windows was international called following wood, and steel, and aluminum, and plastic zhihou of fifth generation doors and Windows products, it both aluminum of substantial, and has steel doors and Windows of insulation sex, anti-corrosion sex, more has it itself unique of characteristics: colorful, and beautiful, and fashion, in Sun Xia irradiation no expansion, in winter cold Xia no contraction, without metal strengthening, resistance aging, can and buildings with life (about 50 years). FRP Windows and doors unique material structure, so that it has some excellent features. Fiberglass glass-fiber-reinforced material is foreign early 20th century development of a new type of composite material, it has a light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, insulation, insulation, sound insulation and many other advantages.

  FRP Windows and doors is the use of medium-alkali glass fiber Rovings and fabrics as a reinforcing material, using unsaturated polyester resin as a matrix material, through a special process using these two materials, and other mineral fillers, and then by heat curing, pultrusion fasting into a variety of different section profile and processed.

  Windows categories

  First light Windows, ventilation Windows, perspective or Outlook Windows and doors;

  Second enclosure or security doors, decorative doors and Windows;

  Third generation energy-saving Windows, insulated Windows, insulated Windows, window, window, window insulation and corrosion;

  IV on behalf of smart Windows, mainly include breathing sensor, Windows, remote control Windows and Windows that control and environmental protection and so on.

  Small and medium series introduced to the article above about the glass doors and Windows profiles as well as the classification systems of knowledge of Windows did you know? Types of Windows on the market full of tricks, choose when to look for trusted brands.