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Glass dicing transformation, to "machine substitution"

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-03-13
As far as five or six thousand years ago, the Egyptians first invented the firing process.glassIt was later spread throughout continental Europe. From the beginning people thought that the glass of China was also introduced from the west. However, the archeological discovery breaks this view. In 1965, a Shang dynasty Qingzhai imprint statue was unearthed in Henan, and a five-piece glass glaze that was thick and transparent in dark green. Archaeological discoveries also tell us that China's glass is later than Egypt, it sprouted in the Shang Dynasty, and it has begun firing in the Western Zhou Dynasty.
The charm of glass lies in that it is a magical material full of tension. When it is soft, it is like water. When steel is drilled, its extremely strong plasticity creates its extraordinary charm. From the rare treasures crowned by Pharaoh to the light of the heavenly kingdom in the Catholic Church, from the Venice pride under the Roman Empire to the beer mood in the Germanic forest... The glass has evolved from its rarest material in human history over thousands of years to daily life. The practical supplies that are indispensable to life have come a long way, leaving traces of the evolution of human civilization. Today, glass has been widely used in home decoration, automotive machinery, health care, industrial construction, aerospace and other fields.
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In recent years, the rapid development of the automotive industry has led to the development of related supporting industries, which have always been the high value-added automotive glass, but also benefited. The area of ​​the automotive glass accounts for about one-third of the surface area of ​​the vehicle. The application area includes the front glass, the back glass, the sunroof glass, the door glass, and the rearview mirror glass. In order to produce glass of different types and shapes, not only the process requirements during production, but also the precise cutting process is required.
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Hebei Certain Glass Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the distribution of original glass and deep processing glass products. It can produce and provide tempered glass, frosted glass, lighting glass, rearview mirror, floor mirror, furniture glass, etc. It can be processed according to customer requirements. Different sides, holes, ring shapes. At present, the company's production of a car rearview mirror glass is a manual cutting operation, although the process accuracy is high, but the efficiency is low, affecting product shipments. Thus, the company seeks machinery to replace humans.
Through the recommendation of industry partners, the company has found the leading public technology service platform in China, the Flying Intelligence China Manufacturing Technology Service Platform (referred to as “Flying Sky”). After a detailed understanding of the company's needs, the technical team under the Flying Intelligence platform offline immediately conducted offline visits and exchanges, and soon matched the company's technical supplier Anhui Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. with the company. The supplier is a company specializing in the production of glass deep processing equipment. It has a group of high-quality management staff and R & D personnel, rich production experience, strong technical force, and excellent processing equipment.
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In the combination of the flying wisdom, the supply and demand sides have launched multiple offline docking exchanges. According to the company's specific needs and production status, the supplier customized a fully automatic glass dicing machine for the company. It is understood that the dicing machine has an advanced and efficient software system that can quickly and accurately search the cutting position, greatly improving the precision of cutting and the cutting quality of the glass, saving man hours of operation and improving production efficiency. The transformation of this production line enabled machinery to replace manpower and realized the important production characteristics such as high efficiency and high quality brought by “machine substitution”.
From an industrial revolution, the replacement of machinery by machines has become an irreversible trend. With the development of machine information, intelligence and automation, the “machine substitution” will eventually improve the backward production capacity, change the labor structure, and increase production efficiency. In this turbulent manufacturing industry, it is necessary to seize the favorable opportunity to actively seek change, so that "machine substitution" has become a sword for enterprise development.