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Glass out of the general situation - downstream construction is not busy

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-03-09
The overall trend of the glass spot market is still acceptable. The production companies are basically out of the market and the market price is stable. The spot production enterprises in the southern region have raised their prices to help maintain market stability. At the same time, we also see that the current traders fill stocks basically completed, and the end of the market to start the situation will take some time to be determined, the current general situation in general. From a regional point of view, the recent price increases in South China and East China regions have basically risen by about 20 yuan; prices in North China and Northeast China have also increased slightly, and manufacturers in the Shahe region on weekends have also increased their plans. Overall, the status of the current production companies out of storage is basically normal.
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The overall trend of the spot market in East China is still acceptable. The production companies are basically out of the market, and the market price has risen by a slight margin. In general, the current spot market in East China has a better confidence, and the production companies have little stock pressure. Due to the gradual increase in the operating rate of downstream processing enterprises, the consumption of glass also rose by a certain margin. From the perspective of production capacity, the number of remanufactured and newly-built production lines in the latter part of East China is small, mainly because of the expectation that production lines with melting furnaces will stop production. On the whole, the supply and demand in East China are inconsistent. The pressure mainly comes from the amount of glass entering the outer region of Hubei or Shahe. In particular, high stocks of manufacturers in the Shahe region have a greater impact on the market such as the Lu-Yu-Yu.
The general trend of the market in South China is still acceptable, and the production enterprises are not affected by the price increase and are basically normal. After the regional coordination meeting, most of the production companies' quotas rose by about 20 yuan. The market price in the latter period should be comprehensively determined based on the outbound conditions and the start-up of deep-processing enterprises. Overall, the market sentiment is relatively stable, and the operating rate of processing companies is also gradually increasing. The outbound situation in Central China is basically normal. Most production enterprises are mainly exporting and returning funds, and their market price adjustment will not be strong. Looking at the implementation of the results of the Central China Conference in the later period.
The overall trend of the market in North China remained at the previous stage. The production and sales rate of production enterprises did not change much, and the market price was relatively stable. The producers in the Shahe region are very willing to stand firm, and they plan to make an overall price increase of around 10 yuan on the weekend. This has contributed to the increased market confidence of traders. However, at present, the stocks and social inventories of the production enterprises in the Shahe region are obviously high. At the same time, the glass price is not as strong as that of the surrounding markets. Currently looking at the Shahe areaglassThe export volume did not return to its previous normal level. Therefore, the change in the spot price in the later period still depends on the increase or decrease in the demand of the terminal market. The production enterprises in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region are basically normal, and some manufacturers plan to increase prices at the weekend.
The general trend of the market in the southwest region is still acceptable. The production enterprises can basically realize the balance of production and sales in the current period, and the market price is temporarily stable. In the later period, some manufacturers have plans to increase prices. The market demand gradually recovered. The overall trend of the Northeast market in the near future is basically normal, and the production and sales ratio of production enterprises has increased on a month-on-month basis. Some manufacturers’ prices have risen slightly. The trader’s winter storage products began to move out of the warehouse, and it was mainly to shift stocks. Today, the overall market trend in the northwestern region is generally low. The inventory cuts of high production companies are not fast, and there is no obvious change in market prices. Mainly because of the low start-up situation of the current end customers, the demand did not start.
Aftermarket overview:
The area and extent of recent price changes in the glass spot market are gradually increasing. This is also to boost market confidence and increase the number of manufacturers' shipments. In each area, the rotation has basically carried out more than one round of price increase. Central China will also plan to hold a regional coordination meeting next week to carry out a certain range of price adjustments. Generally speaking, this year's opening is fair, and in the short term, the spot market price will steadily rise.