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Glass door installation notes

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-02-14
  Special glass door is a door, for example, when using tempered transparent glass, doors with transparency, andFrosted glassWhen the half light function.
  Glass is always able to give us a clean, neat image and the transparent, smooth characteristics to better cater to the decoration of modern furniture, so many families are in the process of renovation will be picking glass door furniture to beautify and practicability of build, so installing glass doors to pay attention to what issues? Small series with you specifically said today.
  First, check the glass door detail
  Due to glass this material more vulnerable, so in installation glass door will we should on glass door of the aspects has better to grasp, through check glass door details part determine its quality, we can from door sash for to, see its whether flat, addition can concern door hole of reserved whether complete and accurate, this has better of concern these details part, only can for we build convenient practical of life experience.
  Second, focus on sealing
  For purchase, as well as security to ensure the sealed, so that it can give us a better sense of our personal privacy. When installing glass doors, we need to determine the distance between the wire card in 300MM, and note on which to apply PuTTY layer, better ensure their tightness.
  Third, pay attention to the design of anastomosis
  Many glass doors there is a great innovation in fashion and design, stained glass, glass installation, we need to pay attention to the design pattern match, concerned about the pattern's pros and cons as well as colors are matched, install glass doors to prevent displacement, oblique curved or loose situation.
  Pay attention to the details of installing glass doors, door installation, from the details, to create the perfect home life.
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