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Frameless glass door installation methods and points for attention

fanyumaoyi 2017-02-14 15:07:14
  Frameless glass doors are a type of glass doors, and others such as aluminium glass door the biggest difference with frameless glass doors doors around there is no border. The installation of frameless glass door and glass door installation method, but there are some differences, frameless glass door installed what is installed and what are the essentials? xiaobian given members a detailed explanation below.
Frameless glass door installation method

  1, on line: frameless glass doors at the beginning of installation, fixed-glass partitions and movable glass doors must be uniform line, to determine the position door frames, accurately measure ground elevation and door frame top elevation.

  2, the installation of frameless glass door jamb at the top limit slots: by the center line of the play led to two metal decorative Panel edge, then press the edges limit slots at the top of the door frame installation.

  3, the installation of frameless glass door metal finishes-wood backing: in the original embedded wooden block nailed timber, or by expansion bolts nailed timber, timber fixed to the ground, then use all-purpose glue metal facing panels, glued on the wood.

  4, the installation of door frames: by playing the Center wire nail vertical door frame wood, and then determine the size and location of frame columns with plywood fixed, fixed after a good, external metal facing.

  5 glass doors, frameless glass door installation: glass suction cups (or glass suction cup machine) sucking thick tight, then holding the Chuck 2~3 people through the lifting plate glass and a move to the installation site preparation is in place.

  6,GlassFixed: on the bottom wood nailed two flat wood as strips of thick glass in the Middle, but from the thick glass plates needed to stay out of the 4mm gap, then brushing on the flat strip of wood adhesive decorative sheet metal sticking in square wood and both flat on the wood.

  7, plastic glass sealing: roots grooves on both sides of the gap at the top and bottom slot of glass sides and thick glass and door frame column of the joints into glass glue.

  8, frameless glass doors between the glass dock: the fixed portion of the plate glass, due to the large width, must be assembled with two or more than two, and align two mosaics formed seams, seam distance should remain 2~3mm.

  Installation of frameless glass door

  1, in all the installation steps before you begin, you must make sure that other processes in the interior decoration are only after construction ended, and in positioning, strictly according to the design drawings.

  2, frameless glass door jamb width should be greater than limit slots at the top of glass thickness 2~4mm, Groove between 20~30mm, in order to glue.

  3, outsourcing, metal surface, to head seam finishes are placed in glass on both sides of the middle position. Joint position must be accurate and ensure vertical.

  4, and in installation no box glass door of glass doors Shi of in place method is: should put glass upper insert frames top Department of limited bit slot within, then put glass of lower put what supporting Shang on are center line, and on good sides frames of installation location, makes thick glass of sides side Department just seal live frames of metal ornaments face sewing mouth, requirements do both inside and outside are see missing ornaments surface seams mouth.

  When 5, in the rubber seal, into the sequence should begin at one end of the gap to the termination, no pause in the middle.

  6, between the glass in frameless glass door and docking in the glass cutting seam must be used, and after the glass fixing, use glue into the crack in the glass, fill the same after the squeegee with plastic sheets, slit to form a clean uniform line, glass surfaces with a clean cloth to wipe the rubber track.

  Frameless shower door buying considerations

  1, frameless shower doors glass works is a tailored, and the overall quality is depending on material quality, and interface integration topics, select a professional planning and design of the early manufacturers, is absolutely necessary.

  2, frameless shower doors, matching glass you want, choose a fully tempered glass, thickness must be at least 8mm above, the whole structure is enough security.

  3, effects of frameless shower doors is still the most important hardware materials, better hardware, low wear and longer service life.

  4, the construction quality of construction workers is also an important consideration, so choosing a good construction company, is the most important.
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