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Glass door installation should pay attention to?

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-02-20

  In many families there will be glass door installed, not only because the glass doors unique and exquisite, impeccable beauty, in addition to glass door with practical performance of corrosion-resistant, easy to wash, then the glass door installation should pay attention to what?
 Before installing glass doors, we must first understand the different types of glass doors with different functions, select a glass door that fits your needs is the most important. Glass doors can be divided into the following categories:

  1, decorative glass door

  Name suggests, decorative glass door has excellent decoration effect, diverse patterns, colorful, good gloss, with glass corrosion, erosion resistance, easy to clean and practical effects. It mainly includesFrosted glass, Patterned glass, cut glass, glazed glass, shot glass, ice glass, glass emulsion can be selected based on personal preference.

  2, energy saving glass door

  Energy-saving glass door for room to build a "protective membrane", and let the light in the room more comfortable. Energy-saving glass door, special craft and coloring can effectively absorb the Sun's heat to save energy and absorb UV light, soft light while reducing exposure to ultraviolet radiation on indoor.

  3, safety glass doors

  Safety glass door for room to build a transparent layer of "insurance", high mechanical strength, good thermal stability, breaking difficult after flying to hurt, has a role in theft and fire. Safety glass including tempered glass, laminated glass and bulletproof glass, wired glass.

  4, induction glass door

  Induction glass doors more common in banks, office buildings, hospitals, shops, automatic, low noise performance. Induction of glass doors are glass doors, also belongs to a kind of automatic door, door sensors according to different indicators have different types. Such as door styles, door sensors are divided into aluminum framed glass door sensors, stainless steel frame glass frameless all-glass door sensors, door sensors, and so on, press the start mode is divided into microwave induction induction glass doors, hand glass door, infrared sensor induction glass doors glass doors, foot, natural door sensors of different types have different prices.

  5, coating the coated glass door

  Coating coating glass door broken glass "permeability", is the sight of one-way type through a glass door. Under the effect of privacy can expand interior space and field of vision, and it has excellent thermal insulation effect, suitable for extension like space and want a little privacy partners.

  Glass door prior to installation, in addition to choosing the right outside the glass doors, also do the necessary early detection, should ensure that the construction has been completed on the ground, stainless steel or other finishes door frame has been completed, thick glass limited slots left. In a four-corner knife, holding a fine grinding wheel grinding slowly to prevent edge collapse from breakage. Stainless steel finishing nail wood bottom wood wedge fixed to the ground, followed by adhesive stainless steel veneer, glued on top; aluminum square tube using aluminium corner box column, or wood screws for fixing on the wooden wedge.
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