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Rapid identification of glass since the explosion was man-made

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-02-20
  After breaking glass, whose starting point is typical of the broken "butterfly splash", see above. From observation in the thickness direction can be clearly seen in the thickness direction there is a stone in the Middle, you can conclude that the breakage of the glass because glass "explosion" caused, not part of the external damage.

  Tempered glass self is due to the production of toughened glass chips inside some of the stones as a result ofTempered glassBroken phenomenon. Tempered glass self start point, there will be a nickel sulfide calculus, the calculus of nickel sulfide in glass production during high-temperature crystalline (α--NiS) "frozen" and keep at room temperature. Due to this high temperature Crystal State in at room temperature State Xia does not stable, will with time gradually to at room temperature Crystal State (Beta-NiS) change, in change of while will with with must of volume expansion; if stone just exists Yu tempered glass of tensile stress district (glass thickness direction of Central), is this phase variable process often will led to tempered glass suddenly broken, that we usually by said of tempered glass "since burst" phenomenon. Under normal circumstances, because of the raw glass tempered glass have some burst rates, from a technical point of view, can be controlled through glass sheet quality second heat treatment or tempered glass can be greatly reduced since the burst rate, but cannot completely eliminate tempered glass self. Under normal circumstances, when tempered glass when broken by external impact, such as small stones flying, glass tipping point "butterfly patch" will find glass impact surface is not smooth and some glass powder and small pits, this is due to energy from outside the glass. And blew glass at the tipping pointThe internal and external surfacesVery smooth.
toughened glass