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Glass door the range

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-12-09

Glass is widely used in life, its beautiful and loved by the people, that dining, residential, industrial and other decorative glass doors are used, then the how to choose a glass door? Following small series from the following 5 ways to introduce.

Glass door type characteristics

, Decorative glass door

Includes frosted glass, patterned glass, cut glass, glazed glass, shot glass, ice glass, glass emulsion type is mainly produced by the pattern is different. Colorful, glossy look good, full of excellent decorative effect, with corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, and erosion resistance and so on.

Second, safety glass doors

IncludedTempered glassGlass, wired glass and laminated glass, bullet-proof vests. Lighting is good, easy to cleaning glass door, high mechanical strength, good thermal stability, crack do not fly, not easy to hurt. And some anti-looting, theft and fire.

Third, energy-saving glass door

Of glass using a special process and rendering so that it absorbs solar heat, energy-saving effect. Second UV and visible light, to prevent ultraviolet light effect on the Interior as well as the purpose of soft light.

Four, coating the coated glass door

Coating of penetrating coating glass with a sight of a one-way function (view only from the view to the uncoated side coating). While expanding the interior space and field of vision, thermal insulation good sound insulation. Can be used in building the Hall walls, columns, corridors, in hotels, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, bars, banks, hospitals, and office buildings exterior wall applications and for a wide range.

Five, induction glass door

Glass door sensors from literally is glass door + sensor integration, can be said to be a glass door, also can be said to be door sensor. Classification of the glass door sensors: glass automatic door opening into: Pan glass automatic door, 90-degree hinged glass door sensors, curved glass door sensors, and so on. Door styles can be divided into: aluminium framed glass door sensors, stainless steel frame glass door sensors, frameless all-glass door sensors, etc. Induction open modes: microwave glass door sensors, induction glass doors, infrared sensor induction glass doors glass doors, foot. Suitable for hotels, banks, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, shops, are widely used. Using the automatic door, air conditioning energy saving and low noise and wind-proof, dust-proof, and can make our entrance is a solemn high.

Streets can see a wide range of glass doors, but don't blindly choose a glass door should be combined with glass doors features according to their actual needs to choose the right glass doors.