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Architectural glass has the characteristics of what?

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-12-12

Kinds of architectural glass is flat glass has a smooth Crystal surface, light, sound insulation, thermal insulation, wear-resistant, climate change, material stability and so on. It is based on quartz sand, sandstone or quartzite, dolomite, soda ash, limestone, feldspar, etc as the main raw material, by crushing, screening, mixing, melting, forming, annealing, cooling, processing made from operation.
  Flat glass
  Glass for Windows
  Windows used to create flat glass or flat glass mirror glass, glass for short, is without the grinding of flat glass. Mainly used for the doors and Windows of buildings, walls, outdoor decoration, plays a light, heat insulation, sound insulation, wind and protective role, can also be used to store counters, shop Windows and some vehicles (cars, boats, etc) of doors and Windows. The thickness of flat glass for Windows, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6mm five, 2~3mm thick, often used in civil construction, 4~6mm thick, mainly for industrial and high-rise buildings.
  Polished glass
  Polished glass mirror glass and white glass, polished plate glass is polished, single-sided polished and polished on both sides are two of the glass is polished to remove the glass containing defects such as glass-reinforced. Polished glass surface is flat and smooth and glossy, perspective or reflect scenery from any direction are not deformed, its thickness is generally 5~6mm, size can be produced. Used to install large high Windows and doors, Windows or mirrors.
  Frosted glass
  Frosted glass, also known as frosted glass, are mechanical sand spraying, manual grinding or using methods such as hydrofluoric acid, are ordinary flat glass surface treatment is uniformly rough surfaces of. The glass surface is rough, light diffuse reflection, has the characteristics of light does not pivot, and indoor light. It is often used in toilets, bathrooms, toilets, offices, corridors and other partitions, also may make the Board surface.
  Stained glass
  Stained glass stained glass, both transparent and opaque. The glass has the advantages of corrosion and erosion resistance, easy to clean, and into a variety of designs and patterns. Applies to Windows and doors, Interior and exterior walls and special lighting to light position.
  Stained glass
  Stained glass is a versatile high-end decorative glass products. Screen painting technique to copy the original painting vivid on the glass, it is not the glass thickness, size restrictions can be made transparent flat glass colors and patterns, and paint coating adhesion, durability, wash, easy to clean. Stained glass can be used for home, office buildings, shopping malls and entertainment venues of doors and Windows, Interior and exterior walls, Ceiling lamps, light boxes, wall hangings, furniture, screens, etc, using their different patterns and pictures to high art style decorative effect.
  Glass grating
  Glass also known as laser glass grating, is a glass substrate, surface by laser microlithography formed laser decoration material, is the application of modern high-tech laser holographic principle, the integration of the characteristics of fine arts in photography and sculpture, under the condition of normal glass in white light showing colorful three-dimensional image. Grating glass is according to different need, using computer design, laser surface processing, into various color, and graphics and the various color transform way, in General glass Shang formed physical diffraction points light and holographic grating or other grating, concave and convex Department formed four corresponds to distribution or scattering distribution, constitute different texture, and space sense, different State surface of lens, plus glass itself of color and the into of light, led countless small lens formed times Prism refraction, to produced from time to time transform of color and graphics, Has high ornamental and decorative value. Grating glass impact resistance, slip resistance, good corrosion resistance, applies to homes and public facilities and Entertainment Hall, Interior and exterior walls, roof, door signs, billboards, screens, doors and Windows and other aesthetic.
  Decorative mirrors
  Decorative mirrors is essential to interior decoration material. Maps and landscapes, expand the Interior vision and space, increase room brightness. Use of high quality float plate glass and aluminum or silver mirror. Can be used for buildings (especially the small space) halls, pillars, walls, ceilings and other parts of the decoration.
  Patterned glass
  Patterned glass also known as pattern glass, or rolled glass, liquid is colorless or colored glass, carved by pattern roll continuous rolling of flat glass with a pattern. Characteristics of patterned glass is translucent (light transmittance 60%~70%), perspective, concave-convex pattern on the surface not only diffused, soft light, and highly decorative. Embossed pattern side of glass, aerosol spray after vacuum coating, color coating, or, have good heat-reflecting ability, icing on the cake rich, gives a feeling of luxurious, bright, if properly after the match with light, decorative effect is better. Application note pattern towards the Interior, and perspective to consider the pattern shape. Figured glass apply perspective has different requirements of the indoor places of interiors and separated, can be used for processing screens, lamps and other crafts and commodities.

  Safety glass
  Tempered glass
  Tempered glass is flat glass heated to softening temperature, rapid cooling makes it cold or by chemical method to ion exchange of. Pressure which makes the glass surface layer, so 5~6 times higher than ordinary Glass bending strength, impact strength increases about 3 times, increase toughness by about 5 times. Tempered glass when broken, do not form sharp edges and pieces, so as not to hurt people. Tempered glass cannot be cut, required to process, can be made from polished tempered glass, heat-absorbing glass, for doors and Windows of buildings, walls and public places, such as vibration, collision parts. BendingTempered glassMainly used for large public buildings in doors and Windows, factory sunroof and window glass.
  Laminated glass
  Laminated glass is two or more pieces of flat glass with a transparent plastic sheet, formed by hot gluing the flat or curved laminated glass products. Raw glass can be polished glass, float glass, colored glass, heat-absorbing glass, heat-reflective glass, tempered glass, and so on. Characteristics of laminated glass is safe, this is because the Middle adhesive plastic linings made of broken glass without splashing, which produced radial cracks, not to hurt people, and therefore makes it also impact strength much higher than ordinary glass. In addition, the use of different raw glass and interlayer materials, available light, heat, humidity, cold, and so on. Laminated glass suitable for high security requirements of doors and Windows, such as high-rise buildings, doors and Windows, doors and Windows of the building, basement, Bank building's doors and Windows, display cabinets and Windows and other crash sites.
  Wired glass
  Wired glass is the ordinary flat glass heated to red hot after softening, then preheat the metal or metal mesh into the glass becomes. The surface however, embossed or polished, transparent or coloured. Wired glass is characterized by safety, this is because wired glass with uniform internal stress and impact strength, so when glass from outside factors (such as earthquakes, storms, fires) and when broken, the debris stuck to the wire (net) to prevent debris splatter hurts. In addition, the role of such glass also has cut off the flames and the fire spread. Wired glass suitable for vibration of large factory Windows and doors, roofing, roof light, warehouse, library to be fire-safe doors, composite exterior wall of building and transparent fences and so on.
  Security glazing
  Burglar-proof glass is a special variety of laminated glass, tempered glass and special glass is generally used, enhanced glass, polished wired glass and resin glued multi-layer composite made of glass and interlayer embedded conductors and sensitive detector connected alarm device.
  Special glass
  Heat absorbing glass
  Heat absorbing glass is introduced in a glass heat-trapping properties of colorants (such as iron oxide, nickel oxide) or spray on the glass surface with heat-absorbing coloring oxides (such as tin oxide, antimony oxide) films of flat glass. Heat absorbing glass is generally a grey, tea, blue, pink, green, bronze, gold and other colors, it can 70% of the absorption of infrared radiation, maintaining good light transmission rate and ability to absorb part of the visible light, ultraviolet light, glare, UV-proof and so on. Heat absorbing glass is suitable for both light, and areas for insulation, especially in hot areas, need air-conditioning, avoiding the glare of large public buildings Windows and doors, curtain wall, display Windows, computer room and the windscreens of trains, cars, ships, and also can be made into products such as laminated and insulating glass.
  Heat-reflective glass
  Surface of heat-reflective glass is heat, evaporation and chemical spray gold, silver, aluminum, copper, nickel, chromium, iron and other metals and metal oxides or paste made of organic thin films and coated glass. Heat-reflective glass on the Sun has a higher heat-reflecting ability, low thermal transmittance, heat reflectance in the 30% and more, up to a maximum of around 60%, and keep up the good light transmittance, is the most effective Sun-resistant glass. Heat-reflective glass with a single perspective, its smooth mirror reflective properties, not only does it have beautiful colors and views around the map, coordinate the buildings and the surrounding landscape. Its smooth and transparent glass back glass, to clearly see the outdoor scenery. Heat-reflective glass used in modern high building's doors and Windows, glass curtain walls, public buildings and other decoration in the foyer area, made with its double-layer hollow glass and glass curtain wall with air layer, excellent thermal insulation and energy-saving effect can be achieved.

  Photochromic glass
  Photochromic glass silver halide is added into the glass, or glass and joining of molybdenum and tungsten in the organic layer of photosensitive compounds obtained photochromic glass. Photochromic glass from the Sun or other light, the color will gradually darken with the light enhancement, stopped after irradiation, and can be automatically restored to its original color. Its glass coloring, faded are reversible, and durable, it can automatically adjust the light effect. Photochromic glass is used primarily to avoid glare and automatically adjust the light intensity in the doors and Windows of buildings.