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Glass drilling method and requirements

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-06-27
Glass punching machine is a type of CNC machine tool, also known as: glass engraving machine, glass engraving machine, glass edging machine, special-shaped glass cutting machine, glass slotting machine, precisionglassForming machine. This concept was first proposed and implemented by Shenzhen Ocean Digital CNC Co., Ltd., which is mainly used for fine processing and special-shaped cutting of ultra-thin glass. The technology is very mature. Due to the development and demand of the electronic consumer market in the future, more The digital electronic display uses glass as the display or touch screen, and the market for glass punches is also growing. Here's a simple way to introduce you to glass punching methods and requirements.
Glass engraving machine
TheOperation method:
1, confirm the glass: first according to the punching order noted above need to punch the processing thickness, size, edge processing requirements, determine the glass can punch operation, the glass needs edge treatment (including the need to edge, need to chamfer ) To punch.
2. Review the order: Determine the glass drill bit that should be used according to the order requirement and install it on the point drill.
3. Punching operation: First, the glass that needs to be punched is laid flat on the punching table. According to the order hole mark, the exact position of the punched hole must be marked with a carbon pen. The mark position must be accurate and correct. After the calibration is completed with a box ruler, the hole is drilled. Before the drilling, the hole is surrounded with a bearing ring and a certain amount of water is added (water must be added during drilling to break the glass cloth when drilled. The glass will expand due to friction and the glass will blow up. Then, slowly tilt the rotating drill bit to the drawn circle, apply the edge of the drill bit to the edge of the mark, and then slowly move the drill upright and shake it. In order to increase the number of drilling holes drilled through the glass, the drill bit can easily be withdrawn. Drill down and use the force according to the thickness of the glass. The thinner the glass is, the smaller the force is. The thicker glass can be used harder. When the glass is drilled, it is necessary to reduce the force to slowly drill the hole. If the force is not reduced, the glass will be affected by the large explosion of the glass.
4. The appearance of drilling and bursting: Generally, there is no explosion in the lower bit face or there is a small explosion edge. Generally, the burst edge occurs on the opposite side, mainly because no attention is paid when it is drilled. When the glass is drilled through, there is a part of the link that is not squeezed out and the force is used to squeeze out the remaining point, and the edge of the glass hole appears to be burst.
5, go to the hole to the hole: the same first draw the right position, and now drill holes in all corners, the general diameter of 22mm (or determine the diameter according to the situation) of the hole, and then wipe the water above the removal site, with a glass knife Cut it well, knock it open, and then cut it off with a glass-cut saw. The saw glass must be sawn obliquely to isolate an empty saw.
6, punching operation table should pay attention to the leveling of the table to prevent hole punching when the glass burst.