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Glass fiber Sunshine Fabric, do you know what features?

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-10-23
Glass fiber sunlight fabric made from natural mineral material (quartz, sand, soda, lime). Each glass fiber before weaving through the PV wrap, and then a stitch made of knitting, and finally through the heat-setting reinforcement. This creates the fabric of the weave rules.
   The characteristics of glass fiber sun fabric:
   1) shading, light transmission, ventilation
This fabric can eliminate up to 80% of solar radiation, but also to maintain indoor air circulation, and can clearly see outdoor scenery.
   2) Heat Insulation
Glass fiber sun fabric with other fabrics do not have a good thermal insulation performance, greatly reducing the use of the room air-conditioning, thus playing a energy-saving role.
   3) Fire prevention
Glass fiber sun fabric with other fabrics do not have the flame-retardant properties. The real glass fiber fabric, after the fire because the fabric inside the skeleton is glass fiber, so will not deform, will not carbonization. Ordinary fabric, after burning the entire skeleton is burnt, carbonization occurs.
   4) Antibacterial, moistureproof
Fabric for natural minerals, do not provide bacteria growth environment, bacteria can not reproduce, the fabric will not mildew.
   5) antistatic
Not absorbing the solid particles in the air, not adhering to dust, can effectively reduce the amount of dust.
   6) Constant size
The fabric itself material determines that it does not have ductility and maintains smoothness. Not warping, telescopic $xmlesc; lt; 0.5%
   7) anti-tear pull
There is no need to strengthen the natural tear-resistant tensile, there is a significant wind resistance and frequent use of mechanical properties.