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Glass mirror wall installation

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-12-05

1. The base layer treatment of the background wall begins the construction of the glass background wall. Firstly, the basic treatment of the wall surface is carried out. The putty and the ash are scraped off. The wall surface is required to be flat, clean and free of floating soil and dust, and coated with a moisture-proof layer for protection.

float glass

2. After the base layer of the ninth board is used for processing, in order to make the decorative panel firm and flat, a large core board can be selected to cover the base layer. According to the design size, the glass wall is nailed into the wall of the wall to be installed on the wall of the glass wall. The nail position is required to be evenly installed, and the overall effect of the wall is flat.

3. Fixing the glass plate After the base plate is bottomed, paste the glass plate. Draw the adhesive area according to the design, apply it evenly on the back of the plaque with glass glue, and stick it on the large core board. For glass parts with large volume and weight, additional mirror nails can be added according to the situation to ensure a firm installation.

4. After installing the wall-mounted TV hook punching wall, for the family who designed the TV wall, try to let the glass avoid the weight of the TV. If you want to be atglassThe upper hole is drilled and its operation technology is high. Therefore, in the design planning, it is recommended to use the glass together with other materials, calculate the position of the fixed shelf of the TV, and replace it with the wooden board in the place where the cover is blocked.