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It is strictly forbidden to increase production capacity of cement flat glass industry

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-12-03

According to the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Development and Reform Commission recently issued the "Notice on Strict Capacity Replacement for New Production Capacity of Cement Flat Glass Industry". The "Notice" pointed out that at present, the overcapacity situation in the cement and flat glass industries is still grim, and provincial-level competent authorities should do a good job of prohibiting the production of new cement and flat glass.

flat glass

The "Notice" mentioned that in recent years, all regions and relevant parties have conscientiously implemented the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on resolving excess capacity. The appearance of the cement and flat glass industries has undergone great changes, and the quality of economic operations has improved significantly. However, as the industry's efficiency improved, some places have emerged as a sign of new capacity projects.

In order to further consolidate the effectiveness of the work and do a good job of capacity replacement, the "Notice" requires that the source be checked and new capacity projects are strictly prohibited. The departments responsible for the construction project record shall strictly control the source of cement clinker and flat glass construction projects, and shall not record the construction projects of new cement clinker and flat glass production capacity in any other name or any way; relevant departments and agencies It is not allowed to handle related businesses such as land supply, energy assessment, EIA approval and new credit support. For cement clinker and flat glass construction projects that are necessary to be newly built, it is necessary to strictly implement equal or reduced replacement, and it is necessary to hold a capacity replacement plan announced by the local provincial industrial and information administration department.

The "Notice" requires careful and meticulous review of the capacity replacement program. The provincial-level industrial and informatization authorities shall update and announce the list of cement clinker and flat glass production lines in the region on an annual basis, and carefully review the capacity replacement plan accordingly. For the capacity replacement plan of the proposed project submitted by the project owner, adhere to the combination of the commitment of the enterprise and the on-site verification and inspection, and carefully identify the authenticity and compliance of the replacement plan, especially the capacity indicators used, and trace the source of the production capacity. Those who do not meet the requirements are resolutely not to be publicized; if there are doubts, they will not be publicized before the nuclear clearance. For the replacement of production capacity across provinces, the provincial competent department of the project construction site shall entrust a national industry or intermediary agency to hold a hearing before the publicity. We will resolutely review the project capacity replacement plan in strict accordance with the law, prevent fraud and eliminate hidden dangers of new capacity.

The "Notice" clarifies that supervision will be strengthened to ensure that the capacity replacement program is in place. After the announcement of the capacity replacement plan, the provincial-level industrial and information administration departments should comprehensively track the dynamics of the proposed project and conscientiously implement the pre-, post-, and post-supervisory responsibilities. Before the completion of the trial production of the new project, the relevant enterprises shall be urged to timely shut down, dismantle and withdraw the production capacity for replacement as promised and announce to the public. The company that has already shut down and exited in advance shall also announce to the public; urge the publication and inspection of the new production equipment. The actual production capacity, once it is found that there is a "small small construction" untrustworthy behavior, it must be ordered to rectify with the relevant departments, before the rectification can not be arbitrarily ignited and put into production.

The "Notice" requires that local competent authorities should further open the reporting channels and promptly publicize the various forms of reporting, such as telephone, fax, e-mail, and Internet, on the portal website, and accept social supervision. Enterprises that falsify, do not implement the announced capacity replacement plan, and violate the new capacity are strictly punished, and the relevant parties are jointly punished. In areas where the problems of auditing are not strict and supervision is not in place, the country will be notified as a negative example.