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Glass partition materials introduction

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-02-17
  Modern Office offices to decorate the increasingly high demand, especially in products, environmental protection, recycling performance of sound insulation. So there is a lot of partition products, like the glass partitions, glass partition with some of the most common.
  High cut off not only consider performance requirements, also the space of beauty, such as line, color, lighting, and space charge and freely control, all of which is to improve the efficiency of the Office, we only pay more attention to detail, can do better. Said several common glass partition materials below.
  1, stained glass partition

  It is a kind ofColored art glassCut off subject, dreamy color conversion, creating a remarkable artistic effect of the glass partition. When stained glass partition is selected, most important is the tone to be consistent with the overall décor of the room. But when the monolithic glass area is too large (more than 1 square meter), speaking from the architecture that is there is a big security risk. Therefore, do not affect the overall results at the same time, should be cut into small pieces of glass as possible, or to increase the percentage of frames, reduce the risk of glass being subjected to collision. If you can find a satisfactory color laminated glass is a good choice.
  2, sand carved glass partition
  The effectiveness of its obscurity and near-luxury, is incomparable to other types of products. Carved and sandblasted glass partition of the material requirements of the most demanding. Insiders pointed out that glass generally require high strength, safety and excellence of materials made of glass.Tempered glassAnd laminated glass, were able to meet their requirements. But when the glass engraving, the strength of tempered glass will be sharply reduced, may may cause the glass to crack. Therefore, use a partition made of toughened glass engraving and sandblasting is not very appropriate, and the use of other types of glass such as laminated would be more appropriate.
  3, glass partition
  With glass partitions in the family, not only against the light, so that integrated indoor and outdoor landscape, reduce the tight feeling of small spaces, but also can master the unique qualities of the modern. Glass partition becomes new darling of home decoration. Consumers may not be aware, the ordinary glass, but many kinds of glass.
  In common glass, according to the different materials to create different effects. Ordinary glass is concise and lively, colored glass elegant refined, elegant sandblasted or engraved glass partition, cracked glass partition Ethereal and mysterious. All kinds of glass to meet the special needs of different families.
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