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Fire-resistant glass classification and characteristics and standards introduction

fanyumaoyi 2017-02-16 16:43:21
  Fire-resistant glass door, when the fire's main function is to control the spread of fire or smoke, is a measure of fireproofing materials, evaluate their effects with fire-resistant performance of fire. Its special technology and treatment, within the specified fire-resistance tests to maintain its integrity and insulation of special glass. Fireproof glass sheet glass float flat glass can be used,Tempered glass, Composite fire resistant glass is also available single fireproof glass.
  Fireproof glass door classification and characteristics
  Composite type fireproof glass door
  Consists of two or more layers of glass chips and attach with compounded or multi layer water-solubility inorganic sandwich fireproof glue.
  Principles of fire protection: fire, fire glass case of high temperature burst soon after, its sandwich fireproof glue foam expanded around 10 times in succession, form a rigid white foam fireproof glue Board, effectively blocking the flame, heat isolation and harmful gases. Finished product to change milling, drilling, cutting.
  When applied outside the exterior Windows, curtain walls, design of fireproof glass with PVB laminated glass should be considered in combination. Scope of application: room, corridors, passageways of the building fire safety doors and fire and an important part of fire-resistant partition walls.
  Monolithic fireproof glass door
  One-piece fireproof glass is a single layer of glass constructed of fire-resistant glass. In a certain period of time maintaining fire integrity, blocking fire fire and a toxic, harmful gases, but does not have the insulation thermal insulation effect.
  Applies to the outer curtain walls, exterior Windows, roof, smoke vertical walls, fire-resistant glass frameless doors and partition walls without insulation requirements.
  Grouting fireproof glass door
  Composed of two layers of glass chips (three layers of glass chips can also be used for special needs), with special flame retardant rubber seal all around. Grouting fireproof glue, after it has been cured for transparent jelly with glazing into one.
  Principle of fire: after the case of high temperature, glass and transparent jelly layer of fireproof glue quickly hardened, forming a sheet of opaque fireproof panels. In preventing the fire from spreading at the same time, also prevents the heat to enter the fire surface conduction. This kind of fire-resistant glass not only has a fireproofing performance and outstanding sound insulation effect. Can be processed into an arc.
  Suitable for fire-resistant doors and Windows, building a patio, patio, space, computer room fire-resistant partition partition walls.
  Important note: the revealing black seal around the glass borders, applies around the bead mosaic installation. Unblocked Zheng Yang and XI to face outside the window, prior consultation with manufacturers, to seek reasonable suggestions.
  Fireproof glass door standard
  Glass door in material Shang can is divided into: steel quality fire glass door, and wood quality fire glass door, and today in market Shang has Dan Kai and double open two species, and fire glass door is to glass and stainless steel for as long as material made of fire door, in glass fire door of frames, and doors used of are is imports or domestic quality of cold rolled plate, and plating Zinc plate or stainless steel board manufacturing of.
  Fill in the fire door glass door internal temperature 1200 ℃ high quality ceramic fiber cotton, and surface electrostatic spray processing, matching stainless steel fire with fire-resistant glass door locks or tube-lock hinges for fireproof, steel, galvanized or stainless steel.
  Fire resistance of fire-resistant glass doors into class a, class b, class c (respectively, 1.2H, 0.9H, 0.6h), and there is great personal result, class c fire door glass door noise indicators for RW ≥ 23dB, fire-resistant glass doors also have very good decoration effect, with beautiful strong durable features.
  Fire glass door of specification main has, fire glass door of doors and frames of internal should used non-so sex fill material fill real, frames, and doors Panel and other reinforcement parts, are should used cold rolled thin plate, class a of fire glass door of door thickness in 1.5 mm, doors Panel used 1.2 mm Hou of plate, reinforcement pieces used 1.5 mm Hou of plate, and reinforcement pieces also to has spiral, plate of thickness not below 3.0 mm.
  Fire glass door of frames should used sealed slot, slot within to embedded loaded by not burning sex material made of sealed article, glass fire door according to fire grade to configuration different of fire limit of fire glass, glass of around to with silicate aluminum fibreboard pad good, fire glass door door above of lock, and hinge, and bolt, hardware accessories, its melting temperature or below 950 ℃, installation in door Shang of hinge, shall not using two-way of spring.
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