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Handan Academy to Research Institute of Glass Design Institute

Fanyu 2018-05-24 15:12:23
Mr. Peng Shou, Chairman of the Board of China Building Materials Kaisheng Technology Group, invited Mr. Ding Ming, President of Handan College, to visit the China National Building Materials Glass Industry Design and Research Institute to investigate the status of cooperation in production, education and research.
At the symposium, Ding Ming introduced to Peng Shou the basic situation of the establishment of the Faculty of Education, such as the positioning of the Faculty, the disciplines, the faculty, the construction of laboratories and platforms, and the cooperation of industry, universities, and research institutes in the service of local economic development. In recent years, the school has actively explored the road of “coordinated development with regional characteristics industries.” The Institute of Materials and Chemical Engineering and the School of Science are the pilot projects. It is planned to cooperate with Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Handan City Government, Glass Industry Design Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences. And so on, the establishment of silicon-based new materials industry college. At the beginning of 2018, Handan College signed the "Framework Agreement on Cooperative Construction of Anhui Silicon-based New Materials Collaborative Innovation Center" with the Handan Municipal Government and the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and cooperated to build the "Silicon-based New Material Collaborative Innovation Center of Anhui Province". ". At the same time, we cooperated with the Jiangnan Graphene Research Institute to build a "Graphene Application Collaborative Innovation Center." At present, the school is facing the cutting-edge science and development of silicon-based new materials science and engineering, focusing on the major needs of strategic emerging industries in Handan City's economic and social development, and speeding up the construction of a technology transfer and results transformation platform. The school has organized six research teams composed of professors and doctors to promote the transformation of new technologies and new achievements of the Institute of Silicon on the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In accordance with the needs of local enterprises and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the collaboration between industry, universities, and research institutes is coordinated. In early 2009, Handan College signed a technical innovation cooperation agreement with the Ningbo Glass Industry Design and Research Institute. Both parties have a good basis for cooperation. It is hoped that both parties will continue to carry out strategic cooperation in the research and development of new silicon-based materials.
flat glass
Ding Ming said that in recent years, the school has paid attention to the cultivation of applied talents and attached great importance to the cooperation with China National Building Materials Glass Industry Design and Research Institute. He hoped that on the basis of traditional school-enterprise cooperation, it would further broaden the academic leaders to enter enterprises and business experts into the campus, etc. Channels, the combination of theory and practice, and more extensive and in-depth cooperation with the China National Building Materials Glass Industry Design and Research Institute.
Peng Shou introduced the industry development situation of Kaisheng Group and focused on the use of Kaixin Group's independent innovation technology to create Kaisheng Glass, Kaisheng Materials, Kaisheng New Energy, Kaisheng Equipment, Kaisheng Engineering and Central Application Research Institute VI. Large platform to incubate the development of a number of sophisticated technologies and high-tech products. In recent years, Kaisheng Group has been vigorously implementing the strategy of integration, industrialization, engineering, and internationalization, vigorously developing new glass, new materials, new energy, and new equipment industries, and possessing glass, cement, construction, new energy, new housing, and the environment. Pollution control engineering design, general contracting, consulting, supervision and other Class A qualifications and the right to operate outside, the industrial base distributed in many provinces in China, the operating network throughout the world. The enterprise bears the national 863, 973, science and technology support plan projects, and has won national scientific and technological advancement and provincial and ministerial scientific and technological achievement awards. Peng Shou said that the Kaisheng Group has a long-term cooperative relationship with Handan College, and the Guilin Glass Industrial Design Institute has established a “Kai Shing Scholarship” at Handan College. He hopes that the cooperation with Handan College will become closer and closer.
The two sides also exchanged views on issues related to cooperation in the construction of laboratories, cooperation in the application of provincial and ministerial issues, and cooperation in the application of science and technology awards.
蚌埠glassMa Liyun, executive deputy director of the Industrial Design Institute, Jiang Rongying, director of the comprehensive management department of the China National Building Materials Institute, and Xie Liping, director of the Ministry of Science and Technology Development; Shi Jixin, director of the Party and Government Affairs Office of the Handan College, and Wu Jie, director of the Research Department, attended the forum.