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Hollow glass shutters and doors built six big advantages

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-12-12
  Built-in shutters and doors are made of insulating glass high quality double tempered glass combinations built-in aluminium Venetian blinds in glass plate, slice magnetron control by handle or built-in motors controlled by a switch or remote control. By adjusting the angle of the blades to control incoming light, is the shading of Windows products. Venetian blinds mounted on insulating glass, retains the window blinds in appearance and practical features, and overcome the window blinds clean trouble's shortcomings. What features does Windows instead of glass, we take a look at:
  1, energy efficiency
  Built-in shutters and doors are made of insulating glass high quality double tempered glass combinations built-in import aluminium Venetian blinds and handle magnetic bodies made. In the summer, the blades adjusted to the off position can be blocked when the direct rays of the Sun, blocking cold air convection, significantly reducing the energy consumption of air-conditioning. In the winter, the blades can be filed, the direct rays of the Sun, absorbing heat, and insulating 19-27mm layer of barrier, will make the loss of heated indoor air is not easy, so as to achieve the goal of energy saving.
  2, dust-proof and soot pollution prevention
  The product has a dust-proof, smoke-proof, the advantages of pollution prevention, and due to the use of the high-tech magnetic induction transmission systems and radio control systems, blades closed open, lifting up and down easy; blades do not need to clean, to save time, labor-saving effect. Insulated glass creating a furnished the internal shutters and doors in privacy at the same time, in unconsciously bring you quiet, comfortable and healthy environment.
  3, fire
  In that building, traditional curtains are flammable, and in case of fire, from the yarn, made of synthetic materials such as curtains will release a lot of poisonous fumes when burned, causing people choked to death. Insulating glass shutters and doors built not only from the fire burning, and does not release smoke in the fire. Double tempered glass and built-in aluminium Venetian blinds are blocking the flames passed, effectively reducing the incidence of fire, is a reliable fire protection products.
  4, sound insulation
  According to testing, insulating glass to reduce outdoor noise passed to the Interior around 25 decibels, hollow glass built-in shutters and doors will reduce the interior noise, noise reduction can be up to 36 DB, ensuring perfect sound insulation.
  5, prevention of frost
  Colder areas during the winter months, due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, glazing of ice cream appears in General. Use built-in shutters and doors hollow glass due to its good airtight and watertight, provides insulation against dampness, effectively avoiding the freezing ice cream on the glass doors and Windows.
  6, security
  Use double-sided hollowTempered glass, Wind resistance and the higher force, applied top and coastal construction, also can replace traditional curtains.
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