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How long can the glass market last?

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-07-24
There are three phenomena in the glass industry this year:

(1) There was a significant resumption of production at the production line where the glass stopped, and the output increased.

(2) Tight liquidity, suppressing the market atmosphere.

(3) The performance of the real estate industry is weaker than expected, and weak downstream demand will be unfavorable.

The demand in the glass market is weak, and the amount of storage is insufficient. The support for infrastructure projects is limited. The operating rate of deep processing enterprises is only 70%-75%. It is produced according to orders, and the procurement is cautious, which is more exclusive to high-priced sources. Some manufacturers' sales policies tend to be flexible and market confidence is insufficient. The lag in demand in March and April was a serious blow to the confidence of the market at that time, and the price of glass fell rapidly. After the price fell sharply and the demand side continued to recover, the manufacturers also improved relatively, and the price of glass gradually rose again. to date.
Reflective Glass

The situation of Shahe Glass is even more difficult. Small enterprises can basically operate at a flexible price. However, even if large enterprises have made some adjustments in the early stage to deal with wet glass products, the effect is not satisfactory. Shahe’s inventory structure this year has also been a big risk. In the context of reduced capacity, inventory was almost double that of the same period last year. Therefore, the Shahe price is currently adjusted at a high level, but it seems that the balance is not enough. The ability to be firm can require uncertain market demand to save.
Where should the spot price go?

Some manufacturers in Central China released news in the near afternoon.glassReduce the price of the original sheet 40 yuan, 20 yuan decrease coated glass. Other manufacturers in Central China have also followed suit in the same proportion. Recently, the price of glass in Central China has been continuously adjusted, which is much larger than that in Shahe. Mainly due to the local demand, the increase in production capacity, and the adjustment of prices in the surrounding markets, the competitive advantage of manufacturers in Central China is not obvious. At the same time, the price of glass in the Shahe area has been adjusted in the name of rain and wet water, and the number of entering the Central China region has also increased. It is expected that the adjustment of price in Central China will gradually show its influence on East China, South China and Shahe. In the short term, the spot price is under pressure.