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How to choose the floor window glass

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:www. glass. com. cn
  • Release on:2017-11-06
   1, do not simply look at the brand, now the people love the brand, of course, there is a brand floor window is generally more reliable, so see its price is also high, in fact, some mid-range brand quality is also good, the price is reasonable, and the appearance is more beautiful, in the purchase must be compared, This is not only conducive to your understanding of different brands of floor-to-ceiling windows, but also conducive to know the price of different brands, not easily deceived.
2, in the selection, to look at the material, appearance, good quality of the floor window from the outside, most of the precision; the surface of the floor window decoration should not be obvious damage, that is, the protective film should not scratch the scratches;
3. The window frame is loaded with floor-to-ceiling windows.GlassWeight, which is similar to the human skeleton, the choice of bearing strength of the alloy material is important to pay attention to the node.
4, choose suitable for their own decoration style, only the right is the best, so that the home collocation is more perfect.
5, to know the specific after-sales service, if it is their own set, it is necessary to know its device, know that they want the scale, want to reach the role of inform each other, after-sale service is very important, the general standard of the company, after-sales service more comprehensive.