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What are the characteristics of glass

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-11-07
In the modern decoration, we can see the scope of glass use is more and more wide, because we in life in many places will be used to get this kind of glass, and its price is also very favorable, very worthy of the public choice. So, let's introduce the common glass price? The characteristics of common glass?
If we want to know the price of frosted glass door, we must first understand how thick the glass is, and its thickness is often measured in millimeters. Generally speaking, glass price than ordinary glass price is about 10-30 yuan/square meters, of course, this does not include accessories, excluding installation costs, and so on, mainly to see our frosted glass door total area is how much.
   Characteristics of common glass
1, due to glass surface roughness, so that light produced diffuse reflection, transparent and not perspective, it can make the interior light soft and not harsh. The use of glass flakes is to ensure that the hair glass and the cylinder contact more closely. Because the bottle is also frosted, the use of frosted glass is also used in this side of the sand, so that the collection of gas is not easy to leak out, which is the characteristics of frosted glass door where.
2,GlassOften used in the need of concealed bathrooms, toilets, doors and windows and partitions, the use of hair should be facing the window, so that the space of the light more gentle, aesthetic full. In addition, other jewelry and plants can be added to the village, let a person to create a sense of isolation, a romantic feelings to soak the heart of the spleen.
3, Glass door is a special kind of doors and windows, its thickness is not enough to say a solid door, and it does not belong to the special-shaped door, in fact, it is a particular kind of doors. The characteristics of glass doors are determined by the characteristics of the glass itself. If the use of glass, it has a half light transmission function.
4, in the winter and summer heating or refrigeration in the two seasons about 30% of the energy is not kept outdoors, but through doors and windows, the wall was lost to the outside, the use of double frosted glass door, the heat preservation effect than ordinary glass will have a significant improvement, so not only makes our home appearance unique, but also embodies the practicality of frosted glass door.
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