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How to clean the windows, you know?

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-07-24
   The whole family to clean the health, the window is a more important link, you usually how to wash it?
1. You can find the old newspaper. The newspaper is one of our most commonly used methods, the surface of the print left oil, can be used to wipe the stains and dust on the glass and very effective, the newspaper folded into small pieces to wipe, and then the glass after the cleaning will feel particularly bright.
2. Water and rags. With a rag to soak the water, then with a dry cloth under the glass, piled into strips to pick up water, and then with a damp cloth from the glass frame to drench the water, the floating and soil washed down, and then with a clean cloth to wipe the box, and then use a clean cloth to wipe the glass. From the top down, it will not rework, so that the eraser can be washed clean.
3, with glass scraper. OurGlassNo frame, only float window such glass, you can use a sprinkler and glass scraper, more professional, with a glass cleaner to water and then sprayed on the glass, with a scraper to scrape off the glass of dirt and water. Because the scraper can be close to the glass, to scrape off very small dust.
4. Sponge block. Can use the sponge block to scrub the glass, can rub the time does not injure the glass, also can control the water. The appropriate use of detergent to scrub again, and then can be used to absorb the water cloth cleaning detergent, and then wipe with a dry cloth more bright.
5. Glass cleaner. Now anything can be used by human beings, our wisdom is very strong, so we have this gadget, to specialize in cleaning glass.
6, two people rub on both sides. Sometimes the two sides of the glass are dirty, can be two of people together from the two sides start to rub, from above to rub, do not have to go back and forth.
7, if there is no platform outside the window. We can use a glass scraper to complete, we must pay attention to, do not a people lean out to wipe the glass outside, very unsafe, if you have to clean can also ride on the window, with a long glass scraper to complete. But not recommended.
8, from hanging down. A lot of buildings or companies will hire full-time glass-polishing Spider-Man, can be suspended from the roof hanging down to scrub the outside of the glass, they are more professional, so it is necessary to hire professional bar.
Do not let the child to clean the window glass, the child can come to clean the indoor tables and chairs or to help, but do not let the children alone to climb the window, is very dangerous.
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