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Why should maotai use transparent glass bottle?

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-07-24
Speaking of the cream of the white bottle of Maotai material, I believe that ten people will say that ceramics. At first I thought it was a ceramic bottle, but carefully observed, you will find that the material of the bottle is actually glass.
The question is, why is the glass bottle milky, rather than transparent? is the general white wine packaged in transparent glass bottles?
In the history of Maotai wine bottles in the process, did use the ceramic bottle, but because the bottle shape is not very beautiful, also prone to leakage of the situation, and the cost is relatively high, so began to develop the use of glass bottles.
Until 1966, Guizhou Qingzhen glass factory through technical research and trial production of milky white glass bottles to achieve success, the solution of the Maotai bottle leakage and aesthetic problems, thus gradually ended the Maotai packaging use of ceramic bottles of history.
   So why use a milky bottle?
Because this wine bottle can avoid light, avoid ultraviolet rays, more conducive to the storage of Maotai.
Light, especially ultraviolet rays will destroy the quality of wine, resulting in elevated temperature, resulting in wine containing some of the acids, esters and other nutrients changed, affecting the taste of wine. Temperature rise can also cause microbial action, cause wine quality change, destroy preservation value. Therefore, Maotai liquor will be used in milky white glass bottles, placed in the constant temperature and humidity to avoid light, cool and ventilated place.