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How to maintain aluminum doors and windows broken bridges

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-05-04
  As one of the important peripheral structures of the building, the window plays the role of shelter, heat insulation, daylighting and ventilation. The system broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, refers to the system thermal insulation broken bridges aluminum, system accessories, hardware, glass processing and integration, with energy-saving, cold insulation, heat insulating, sound insulation, noise protection, dustproof, waterproof and other functions. Canon system broken bridge aluminum doors and windows in insulation performance than the ordinary heat dissipation of windows and doors reduced by half, in the sound insulation, sealing (airtight, watertight, wind pressure) are up to national standards.

  In the day-to-day use of the process, because of the weather, environment, man-made factors such as the damage to the doors and windows is difficult to avoid, so how to maintain the quality is a good maintenance? When using and cleaning aluminum doors and windows broken bridges, what should be noticed? We recommend that you start from the following 6 points:

  1, avoid using ordinary soap, washing powder and scouring powder, washing detergent and other strong acid alkali detergent, the recommended use of soft cloth stained with water or neutral detergent wipe. After rainy days, should wipe promptlyGlassAnd the raindrops of the door frames;

  2, glue and glass glue is the key to ensure the sealing, insulation and waterproof of aluminum doors and windows, if there is shedding need to be repaired and replaced promptly;

  3, cleaning doors and windows, must not step on the aluminum frame above, can not pull the frame to support;

  4, the use of the process, do not vigorously open the closure, such as open the closure is not smooth, do not force operation, should first exclude the failure, personnel misoperation or loose fastener is the main cause of opening closure difficulties;

  5, often check fasteners, if loose in time to adjust; positioning shaft, wind support, ground springs and other vulnerable parts of the part, can be added regular lubricating oil, keep clean, flexible;

  6, pay attention to the door frame walls of the inspection, with the time to become loose if there is very easy to make the whole frame deformation, resulting in the doors and windows cannot shut down, sealed. The screw loosening of the joints should be fastened immediately, such as screw footings loose, use epoxy strong glue to adjust small cement to seal. Of course, the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows in addition to careful care, in the purchase should also look for some product quality and after-sales service and other aspects of protection, and qualified manufacturers and brands. After all, with the passage of time, only high-quality aluminum doors and windows of broken bridges can withstand the test of frost and snow in winter seasons.