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How to make the glass curtain wall LED display to achieve better display effect?

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-07-27
Glass curtain wall is a modern fashion architectural decoration, it decorated the city, make the city more beautiful. And with glass curtain wall with the use of glass curtain wall LED display is favored by the market, its high permeability, stealth installation, green energy saving excellent performance from many display products stand out. So, how to make the glass curtain wall LED display to achieve better display effect?
   First of all, the standardized glass design
   Glassis a transparent LED display installation of an important carrier, its size and shape directly affect the glass curtain wall LED display effect. Irregular and modelling peculiar glass when installing the display, not only the screen body needs to be customized, the difficulty is big, and the cost is higher; owners in the design of shops and building glass curtain wall should try to use the uniform size of glass, reduce the use of special modelling, so can reduce the installation of glass curtain wall LED display of difficulty, reduce keel, further improve permeability, so that screen display more transparent and beautiful.
   Second, choose the right clarity
Clarity is the industry's resolution, but also the LED display of the number of points. The clarity of the glass curtain wall LED display is mainly affected by its screen area and pixel spacing, the larger the screen decent product, the smaller the pixel spacing, the higher the clarity. According to the actual audience scope and viewing distance of the advertisement, the owner can choose the appropriate definition to achieve the economic application.
   Again, brightness adjustment
Glass curtain wall LED display although the external broadcast advertising information, but essentially belongs to the indoor LED display, installed in the indoor environment. Because the daytime outdoor advertisement to the brightness request is higher, the night needs to be low bright, at this time brightness adjustment is very necessary. The conventional glass curtain wall LED display also uses the light sense probe and coordinates the related software to carry on the brightness adjustment, thus protects the visitor to watch the screen body's comfort, then produces the interest to the product, enhances the sales volume.
Actually want to let the glass curtain wall LED display to achieve better display effect of the way there are many, small part of this is not enumerated. In life we can pay attention to, pay attention to storefront decoration and advertising effect, reasonable adjustment to achieve greater economic benefits.
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