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Installation technique of glass dryer

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-07-26
   Glass dryer with beautiful appearance, compact size, high efficiency, energy saving, because of the use of Teflon conveyor infinitely variable speed, can be arbitrary control baking time, basically in the glass industry, more than a lot of people are not very clear glass dryer, the attention of the glass dryer that is a little bit more, the following small series with everyone to see the glass dryer installation techniques.
   Glass dryer
In the installation of glass dryer must check the place to be installed, the standby equipment to be installed, so that in order to install no other problems, in the future use will not be due to initial installation errors caused by maintenance inconvenience and so on. The main inspection of the basic concrete casting quality and size position deviation, the appearance of the requirements of the basic surface clean, no oil, dust, debris, no steel bare, no crack angle, expected to stay hole without residue shell plate, and other casting defects.
ForGlassThe base size and position deviation of the dryer shall conform to the following requirements: the dimension of the shape and the position of the base coordinate, the error of the vertical axis is less than 20mm. Different plane elevation error is less than 20mm, only allow negative is not allowed; the slope error length is less than 20mm, the discharging end allows not to allow positive; the upper plane is less than the 5mm/m, the length is less than 10mm. Equipment Acceptance Control equipment packing list, the parts, parts, standard parts, random documents, etc. Deformation damage, and so on, and make a record, in order to purchase or prepare before the installation. Remove the protective coating as well as dust, oil, rust and so on during the packing of the glass dryer, and check the damage and deformation caused by the repair during the transportation. Pre-Test and pre-assemble the components and key parts to avoid rework in the installation work, ensure the installation schedule and installation quality.
Glass dryer