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Installation skills of aluminum alloy doors and windows

Fanyu Chinamirrormanufacturer. com 2017-11-08 15:03:01
Aluminum doors and windows are home doors and windows to choose more of a kind of doors and windows, although there are many families like to use aluminum alloy doors and windows, but many people do not know how to choose the installation, so today's small part of the installation of aluminum alloy doors and windows to say the selection!
   1. Design reasonable casement ratio and orientation
In general, the heat transfer coefficient of Windows is greater than that of the same direction and area of the external wall heat transfer coefficient, therefore, heating energy consumption as the proportion of the window wall increased.
Under the condition of daylighting and ventilation, the ratio of control window wall is more effective than that of heat insulating curtain and window plate, that is, the smaller the area of window wall is, the smaller the heat loss is, the better the energy-saving effect is.
The heat loss is also related to the outward window orientation, the sun radiation intensity and the sunshine rate of the south and north toward the high, the window obtains the solar radiation heat much.
   2, the use of energy-saving materials
Due to the development of new materials, the main components of the window (frame material, glass, seals, hardware accessories and shading facilities, etc.) technology progress quickly, the use of energy-saving materials is an effective way to save energy for aluminum-clad wood doors and windows.
Frame material: The window uses the profile to occupy the outside window hole area The $number, is the building outside the window the energy loss another weak link, therefore, the window uses the profile the choice is also vital.
At present, the frame types of energy-saving windows are many, such as: broken hot aluminum, broken hot steel, plastic profiles, aluminum alloy doors and windows aluminum. Among them, the energy-saving effect of the broken hot aluminum is better, the use is quite wide, it not only retains the advantages of aluminum profile, but also greatly reduces the heat transfer coefficient of aluminum profile.
Broken hot aluminum material is in the aluminum alloy profile section using the Thermal Bridge (Leng) technology so that the profiles are divided into two parts. Broken hot aluminum is also called aluminum alloy doors and windows.
   3. Glass
In the window, the glass area occupies the $number of the window area. OrdinaryGlassThe thermal resistance is very small, and far-infrared thermal radiation almost completely absorbed, Single-layer ordinary glass is not able to achieve thermal insulation effect.
Aluminum alloy doors and windows are more kinds of glass. Different kinds of doors and windows, the transmittance, shading coefficient, heat transfer coefficient is very dissimilar.
Thermal conductivity and shading, has a dual nature. For the winter, we want the sun to radiate heat to increase the temperature of the room. But in the summer, hope to reduce solar radiation, avoid entering the room.