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Office design Decoration Glass Partition knowledge

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-11-08
The use of glass partition in office decoration design is an inevitable choice for many customers. The advantages of glass partition are very obvious: fashionable and elegant, concise and exquisite, permeability excellent. Not only easy to achieve the functional division of office space, but also with noise, fire, environmental protection and other special functions.
Glass partition According to material, can be divided into ordinary glass, stained glass, sandblasting engraving, crack glass and so on. Ordinary glass partition concise and crisp, color glass partition Qingli Refined, sandblasting carved glass partition noble elegance, crack glass partition ethereal mysterious.
   1, Ordinary glass partition:
Ordinary glass partition surface and ordinary glass are no different, but in the accidental impact, glass fragments will be firmly glued to the glass film, debris will not spill, will not pose a threat to personal safety. At present the best in the market is laminated glass, is a complete sense of safety glass.
   2, sandblasting carved glass partition:
The typical characteristic of the partition of sandblasting glass is hazy beauty. This is unmatched by any other transparent glass. Of course, engraving and sandblasting glass partition requirements for materials are also the most demanding.
   3. Color Glass Partition
   Stained GlassPartition is a color art glass as the main body, the use of color transformation, to create artistic effect. It is recommended to pay attention to the tone of the glass and the overall decoration style of the room, without affecting the overall decoration effect, as far as possible to break the glass into small pieces, or appropriate increase the frame ratio, reduce the glass suffered collisions and broken probability.
   4, crack effect glass partition
There are two kinds: one is directly in the single layer of glass surface treatment, can feel the concave and convex sense of the pattern; there is a multi-layer laminated glass, the middle layer of the processing of cracks, both sides are ordinary glasses, thicker, do not feel any bump and crack.
Glass partitions must be made with high strength, good safety performance of raw materials glass. Tempered glass and laminated glass can meet the requirements. But when the glass is carved, the strength of the toughened glasses will decrease sharply, which may cause the glass to crack. Therefore, the use of tempered glass engraving and sandblasting partition is not scientific, and the use of other types of laminated glass will be more appropriate.
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