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Intelligent Glass curtain Wall Technology

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Www.chinamirrormanufact
  • Release on:2017-06-01
  The extensive use of traditional glass curtain wall technology will bring about serious light pollution, large amount of energy consumption, sight disturbance, and indoor health quality. In order to solve these problems, a new type of glass curtain wall, smart glass curtain wall technology has been developed in Germany, Britain and other western European countries.
  IntelligentGlassThe curtain wall generally includes glass curtain wall, ventilation system, air conditioning system, environmental monitoring system and building automatic control system. The core of the technology is a special curtain wall with one by one hot channel which is different from the traditional curtain wall. It is mainly composed of a single-layer glass curtain and a double glazing curtain walls. There is a buffer in the middle of two walls, and there are air inlet and exhaust facilities at the upper and lower ends of the buffer. The principle of the hot channel curtain wall is that the hot passage in the middle of winter and inside two-storey curtain wall is like a greenhouse because of the rising temperature of sunlight. This is tantamount to improving the outer surface temperature of the inner wall, and reducing the operating cost of the building. In the summer and outside the two-storey curtain wall in the wide hot channel temperature is very high, at this time, open the hot channel up and down the inlet and outlet, in the hot channel due to the heat chimney effect generated airflow, in the channel movement of the air flow away from the heat inside the channel, so as to reduce the inner wall surface temperature, reduce air-conditioning load, save energy. Through the design of the outer side curtain wall, the inside curtain wall is designed to open, so that the upper and lower inlet and outlet of the channel is regulated in the channel to form negative pressure, using the pressure difference and the opening fan of both sides of the interior wall can form airflow in the building and ventilate.
  Smart glass curtain wall from the design concept, content composition and work process in all aspects, is a coordinated and cooperative multi-functional system, it is very different from the traditional glass curtain wall, not only has a glass support structure, but also includes the building part of the environmental control and construction services system, through the smart glass curtain wall can control the outdoor light, provide ventilation. Because the intelligent glass curtain block is 3 layers of glass, the outer side is completely closed, can greatly reduce the outside noise to the building internal disturbance.