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30 Ways to decorate your furniture

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Www.chinamirrormanufact
  • Release on:2017-06-01
  People who want to decorate their homes often don't know how to start. Therefore, we provide 30 kinds of home layout ideas to you, so that you can have a variety of creative, can be free to inject vitality home, so that the expression of the home is always rich and charming.
  1. It takes creativity and courage to cut partitions in a small area. The red partition wall makes the room look exquisite.
  2. With circular shape corresponds to the wooden round table, the round chandelier echoes the round round of the glass circle, in the circular language to convey a perfect meaning.
  3. From the back of the light, so that the display in the cupboard has a vague sense of beauty, transparent glass door design, allowing the space to define both independent and penetrating.
  4. The distinction between dining and living rooms can be represented by different material floors. Transparent glass doors are designed to make space more spacious.
  5. Dining table In addition to the function of dining, for people who like to drink tea, it is a family chat room, therefore, to try to keep the visual neat.
  6. The dining room tables and chairs are made of wood from the northeast and are very stocky.
  7. Orange with Chinese bamboo Table chair, so that your appetite is wide open.
  8. The use of glass laminates as a wall on both sides of the decoration, along the ceiling of four weeks to set the spotlights projection, so that the atmosphere of the meal more warm.
  The living room and the study
  9. Originally monotonous wall, borrow round window and plant correspondence, sculpture, sofa decoration, rich spatial properties.
  10. If there is a wall in the home do not know how to decorate, may as well color, the vivid and lively dishes as murals, space thus become fresh.
  11. The use of glass penetration, mirror reflection, so that small space can also have a rich expression.
  12. Chinese Courtyard common circular arches, transforms to the modern space, has the feeling of the view in the house.
  13. Find a bamboo carpet in the hot summer, put a few pillow, or lying or sitting, in the concise space without a little burden, coolness from the state of mind.
  14. Who says the laminate must be so stiff? To help the board to change the shape, concave design, not only the modelling is particularly interesting, but also to make space more change.
  15. Curve-shaped spotlights can make the space suddenly have a sense of extension, and the curve-shaped spotlights are more extensive than the direct-beam light.
  16. Many people do not like to do the ceiling, but the tiled ceiling looks very stiff, it is better to make the ceiling wave shape, so that the space out of the active feeling.
  17. Using the slide projector to show the beauty of the painting, in light of the effect of lighting, so that the flower is reflected on the glass desktop, showing the romantic atmosphere on the surface of the water.
  18. The use of glass tile and laminate design from the bookshelf, can be added to reduce their capacity, cabinet surface to collect all kinds of pots and jars, green plants for decoration, so that the space expression is richer.
  19. Borrow a hollow GE cabinet as a space interface, so that the vision can be extended indefinitely, reduce the confusion of the narrow space, from the back of the lamp, so that the original beam-column wall, converted into a light-emitting body.
  20. Blue stationery is just like a sea breeze, releasing the pressure of the heart, let the brain jump up.
  21. Simple and lightweight tables and chairs can make the space comfortable, the home of the tea cans, pots and other utensils used to place stationery supplies, space has become orderly.
  22. The study of a wall painted green, not only beautiful, but also after a long time reading, look at this with a wild atmosphere of green, can also let the tired eyes relax.
  23. Toilet, pool and other objects and ordinary people are no different, but its periphery is not with a brick wall separated, but with a few logs and Reed seats will be surrounded by the toilet, with a strong local flavor.
  24. Use DIY creative methods in the glass tube to add white pebbles as decoration, insert all kinds of flower materials, and wire to make the stent fixed, immediately let the washing table become the focus of space.
  25. Decorate, should take the sanitary ware three color as the main tonal, the wall, the ground color is consistent with it; sometimes, for the prominent sanitary ware and the wall body, the bathroom ground also may lay into the light brown, because the color on the cold, warm each other to show the space three-dimensional.
  26. Domestic traditional bathroom, generally only four or five square meters, such as old-fashioned washing table below the pipeline, the bathroom cabinet is not only beautiful and very practical.
  27. Small bathroom accessories can be decorated in a warm and romantic bathroom. The matching towel rack, toothbrush holder, gargle Cup and soap box can help you arrange the table, and the exquisite toilet brush and wastepaper basket can even become a small view in the bathroom.
  28. With more and more duplex dwellings, the top-floor slopes are often used as bedrooms or study rooms and are also a good choice for bathrooms.
  29. Get a whole-black bathroom, you need the guts to fit the minds of young people. In this whole black bathroom, it is as if you can see the deep distance through a mirror that contrasts with black.
  30. If you want to put flowers in the bathroom, should consider the fragrance of flowers, such as Kano, its fragrance can also replace the artificial indoor fragrance, but lily and other flowers pollen, easy to cause allergies, the best to avoid.
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