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Teach you how to identify insulating glass

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:www. Chinamirrormanufact
  • Release on:2017-06-12
 From the finished product to extract any piece of insulating glass, found that any of the following phenomena, consumers can be judged as unqualified products, and require return.
  1. Use a knife to seal a cross section, if the section appears a lot of small size hole (honeycomb), this shows two possible, one is hand-made glue, will in air, produce bubbles; there is also a possible low level of technology produced by the two-way sealant, that is, the use of machine glue will also appear in the pores, as long as the cross-section of the pores of its life must be very short.
  2. With a knife inInsulating GlassAny connection angle is zoned to see if the connection angle is effectively wrapped with butyl glue. The actual theory shows that. The two-way sealed insulating glass is made by means of connecting angle, the permeable path is mainly in 4 corners, its water permeability is 70%, and the water permeability rate of the edge is accounted for 30%. So as far as possible to use continuous pipe-bending aluminum or with butyl glue on the 4-connection angle to effectively package, can greatly extend the life of the hollow glass, if no butyl glue on the 4 corners of the effective package, the actual significance of the double seal is not.
  3. Use a knife to seal the two-way and glass bonding of the two sections of a few centimeters, and then use the hand to open the sealant to tear. If the glass surface is relatively smooth after tearing, no residual gum, indicating that the sealant and glass surface is not sticky, then its sealing effect is conceivable.
  4. To add the above methods to investigate whether the use of standard molecular sieves, butyl glue is continuous (no disconnection), if not polysulfide rubber, other two-way sealant has been done in the phase-solubility experiment (must do phase-solubility experiment, otherwise it is likely to be endless). The window frame seals, if is not the standard rubber strip seal, but uses the ordinary silicone rubber seal, be sure to use the silicone rubber and insulating glass edge sealant to do the experiment, otherwise it may be a disaster (some doors and Windows installation Company purchased inferior silicone rubber to seal the window frame, a long time, mineral oil migration out of the entire insulating glass sealing system. It takes some time for this kind of evil to manifest itself, so be sure to prevent it in advance.
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