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Material classification of glass TV cabinets

Fanyumaoyi www. Chinamirrormanufact 2017-06-13 10:40:07
  Unlike the traditional feeling of a television set on a wooden table, glass-TV cabinets and modern fashion décor are more tie-in, and look very atmospheric beautiful, suddenly fell in love with this feeling. There must be many types of glass-TV cabinets on the market, and there must be many sizes.
  Glass TV cabinets, also known as the audio-visual cabinets, it is made of glass. Many people choose it when choosing a home TV cabinet. Understanding some of the basics of glass-TV cabinets will help you choose. Here are the glass TV cabinets for you to introduce what material it.
   Hot-melt Glass TV cabinet
  Hot-melt Glass TV cabinets using a special hot furnace, flat glass as raw materials, and then color and dye, and then according to different color materials and painting style of different sets of specific heating procedures and annealing curve, the use of high temperature to achieve the fixed picture, in the original glass to achieve the perfect integration of glass and art painting, and normal glass cabinets, hot-melt glass cabinets more powerful picture, more vivid image content, more real, at the same time customers can according to their preferences to choose the object, Increased the autonomy of customer choice. Under normal circumstances, the price of hot-melt glass in 300 yuan flat, the price is relatively high one points.
   Second, the bending glass TV Cabinets
  Hot-bending glass TV cabinet refers to the original flat glass in a specific abrasive under the high temperature softening, the final formation of curved glass process, the most important feature of the hot-bending glass TV cabinets is that it broke the original design concept of TV cabinets, the use of streamline design and curved surface design, is no longer the original square TV cabinets, can now be an elliptical TV cabinets, can also be irregular graphics of the TV cabinets, design more humane, personalized, deeply now young people love. Hot bending glass 10mm around 200 yuan, the price is slightly higher.
   III. TEMPERED Glass TV cabinet
  Tempered by definition is the quality is more solid, the ability to resist pressure is better, now the tempered glass TV cabinets than before is very different, bending and compressive capacity than ordinary glass to improve dozens of times times, and in the case of tempered glass is damaged, his broken is also without sharp corners of small fragments, the human body's lethality is very small, these factors have increased the people in the purchase and use of the process of safety factor, and tempered glass TV cabinets can withstand 200 degrees of temperature change, This ensures that a slight temperature change in the use of the furniture will not have any safety problems. Under normal circumstances 5mm tempered glass a square meters about 60 yuan, so this glass is affordable and safe.
   Four, black glass TV cabinet
  Black Glass TV cabinet is a more common modern home TV cabinets, blackGlassSurface in the natural light of the refraction exudes elegant luster, show calm and restrained bearing, the interpretation of the classic style, showing the master's taste. This kind of TV cabinet is characterized by the use of high environmental protection piano paint technology, bright color, wear-resisting waterproof, corrosion resistance, high temperature, stain-resistant, convenient and clean, durable. Generally speaking, the black Glass TV cabinet in the concise modelling, realizes the function and the artistic perfect union, then matches the same black television, thus through the television ark and the television reasonable combination, lets this part space harmonious unification, displays the fashion and the upscale taste.
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