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Laser Engraving Art Glass

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2018-01-11
A large-faceted laser engraving of the spirit, is a kind of electronic technology, laser technology, LED technology based on new building materials products, mainly used in the shower room, sliding door depth processing, KTV, bars, tea restaurants, chain stores, such as night partition and background applications, household necessities and art photo viewing, as well as industrial glass production design. Its emergence, not only greatly enhance the glass industry technology development, but also the entire building materials industry has far-reaching impact on the development. Laser engraving will be the process of glass deep-processing industry a revolutionary change, it energy-saving, environmental protection, high degree of automation, can achieve standardization, digitization, networked production, but also to achieve remote monitoring and operation, will greatly reduce the labor intensity and improve the working environment, and significantly improve production efficiency and product grade, Is the traditional process of glass processing technology ideal upgrade.
Inner carvingGlasswill bring a whole new face to the building. Transparent and clean architectural elements will present a stylish design vision. This allows the shape, light and function to be applied perfectly in glass. Compared with the traditional method of glass processing, laser engraving technology will not damage the glass surface, and this design requirements will not affect the quality of glass, strength and performance, provide the perfect inner carving products, carved graphic text with strong artistic expression. Widely used in a variety of fields, especially suitable for large surface decoration glass relief effect carving, building cut decoration, household necessities and art photo ornamental products such as exquisite effect, exquisite, clear and beautiful design, three-dimensional sense of strong, is glass manufacturers, decoration service providers, art studios and other customers ideal choice.