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Shower room glass Maintenance must keep in mind the five main points

Fanyu 2018-01-12 14:40:11
With the progress of the times, people will be in the bathroom decoration, the installation of a shower room, so as to enjoy the quality of life fun. But about the shower room from the explosion of the report is disturbing, in fact, shower room glass self-explosion in addition to its own quality reasons and improper installation of reasons, there is a common reason, that is, maintenance is not in place. So how to maintain the glass in the shower room, reduce the chance of explosion?
Shower room Glass Maintenance
   First, do not be scratched between sharp objects
AlthoughGlassThe intensity is very high, but it is very afraid of sharp things scratched and hit. Because the contact area of the sharp object is small, the pressure on the glass is strong, so the glass is subjected to a large external force and produces slight cracking. For tempered glass, a slight crack is already a fatal injury.
   Second, the protection of glass corner parts
The middle of the tempered glass is strong, but the corner is very fragile. Once there is a rift, it is easy to break the whole piece. For instance, the escape glass on the bus is the same principle.
   Third, just in case the explosion-proof film affixed
Not afraid in case, I'm afraid 10,000, we in the shower, and shower room is "naked relative", once the explosion, will cause great harm to the human body. Therefore, it is recommended that the shower room affixed with explosion-proof film.
   Iv. use "Gentle treatment"
Shower room Glass Although the strength is high, but also do not allow rude treatment! So when we use, if we find that the closing is not smooth, do not use brute force.
   V. Water temperature slowly increase
The occurrence of the accident, not necessarily inferior products, sometimes in the shower room and hot and cold can easily cause the explosion. Because the shower room is more closed space, so high temperature and high pressure accumulated to a certain extent, the glass will cause a certain pressure, so do not use the shower room when hot and cold.