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Overview of float glass production line

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-01-17
  Float glass is widely used, involves building decoration, photovoltaic curtain wall furniture and appliances, and many other industry sectors, the following small series to introduce the floating glass production line.
  In the standardFloat glassLine for cases, on its production of process for description: first, will according to must proportion mixed of tie material into placed in feeding machine mouth at of feeding machine in the, according to process requirements of speed, using push Board will by input tie material advance melt kiln in the, in high temperature role Xia, tie material is melting into liquid, at using level mixer on its for mixing, makes its formed glass solution; second, using flow road gate Board on liquefied state Xia of glass solution for control, makes its flow into Tin slot, While Tin to a natural state. In pulled side machine and block side device of tie Xia makes attached in Tin liquid surface of glass solution formed wide, and thick meet requirements of softening glass with, through transition roll Taiwan turned to floating method glass annealing kiln traditional system in the for annealing; last, in transfer system of role Xia, annealing Hou of glass with to cold end conveying and longitudinal cut machine for cutting, then into to mainline fell Board system, this system will according to related detection information will not meet process standard of glass tablets returned sent to received Board broken system, in for broken processing Hou, will glass residue transfer to glass class. For qualified piece of glass through rollers continue to spread to the hair dryer to clean machine parts and raw materials, and finished cleaning the glass surface, the resulting float glass production.
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