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Pre-air window laminated glass for automobiles

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirrom
  • Release on:2017-05-24
  Automotive laminated glass is mainly used in front wind windows, there are more than more than 5,260 kinds of models, of which there are more than more than 1200 types of bus products, 60% for the export, 40% for domestic sales, the production of the largest specification 2700 2300mm curved bus mezzanine front windshield, and a number of domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers supporting the windscreen, automotive laminated glass with transparent, high mechanical strength, light, heat and cold resistance and so on.

  First, have excellent safety performance

  Car useLaminatedIt is made of two pieces of glass into transparent and elastic PVB film, bonded by high temperature and high pressure, because the PVB intermediate film and glass firm toughness bond, it can withstand the car at high speed driving accidental impact penetration, when the glass is broken by the impact force, the fragments are bonded by the tough PVB intermediate film, can prevent the debris from flying and shedding, the entire glass remains intact, so as to avoid the debris from flying or shedding caused personal injury, the car can continue to drive, also avoid traffic accidents, Effectively guarantee the safety of human body.

  Second, sound insulation performance

  The laminated glass interlayer PVB has the damping function to the sound wave, which can restrain the vehicle's influence to the car when the vehicle is in the high speed, obviously improve the environment in the automobile, and the noise-proof effect is better than the ordinary and insulating glass.

  Third, Anti-ultraviolet performance

  Automotive Laminated Glass has a long-lasting anti-ultraviolet function, 6mm float glass to the wavelength of less than 380mm ultraviolet radiation, its anti-ultraviolet performance of 29%, while the same thickness of transparent car with laminated glass anti-ultraviolet ability of more than 99%, so as to protect the car interior decoration and so to avoid ultraviolet radiation and fade and aging.
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