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Definition of chemical tempered glass

Fanyumaoyi Chinamirrom 2017-05-23 15:37:55
  Chemical tempering is the surface compressive stress of glass formed by ion exchange. The simple principle of ion exchange process is in the solution of alkali salt in 400LC or so the ions in the glass surface are exchanged with the larger radius ions in the solution, such as the lithium ions in the glass and the sodium ions in the solution, the sodium ions in the glass are exchanged with the potassium ions in the solution, and the surface compressive stress is produced by the difference of the alkali ions volume. The enhanced effect on thick glass is not very obvious, especially for 2 4mm thick glass. ChemicalGlassThe advantage is that it is not the temperature of the transition above the high-temperature process, so it will not be like the physical tempered glass warping, surface roughness and the original piece of glass, at the same time in the strength and temperature changes have a certain improvement, and can be appropriate for cutting processing. The disadvantage of chemical tempering is that it is easy to produce stress relaxation with time, so the protective technology has been used to make the chemical toughened glass have the irreplaceable application characteristics.
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