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Qingdao - Full implementation of mandatory standards for green buildings within five years

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-07-11
In terms of industrial transformation and upgrading, the city will promote the comprehensive reform of the construction industry, and build a construction industry structure system with high-grade enterprises as the mainstay, with strong overall support, professionalism, outstanding main business and diversified operations. Promote the transformation and upgrading of the real estate industry. Accelerate the transformation of new industry models, guide development enterprises from land development to full-industry chain development mode, and actively develop new industrial formats, from providing single residential and commercial products to industries, pensions, cultural travel, long-term rental apartments and other diversified products. change.
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In terms of green energy conservation, the city will develop green buildings in all aspects. By 2022, the mandatory standards for green buildings will be fully implemented, the compliance rate of green building design will reach 100%, and the proportion of new buildings in the city will be over 40%. The city will build more than 150,000 square meters of ultra-low energy passive buildings. Energy-saving and warm-up renovation of 20 million square meters, the proportion of green building materials in construction projects continues to increase.

In terms of the perfect function of the city, the city will make every effort to build a “clear channel network” system. To connect Jiaodong New Airport and build a fast-moving urban area as a new starting point, implement the rapid transformation of Xianshan Road Expressway, Hang'an Elevated Phase II and Yinchuan Road, improve the Licun River Interchange, and launch Liaoyang Road Expressway and other key hubs. The construction of the project will improve the completion rate of the expressway and initially construct a fast road network system of “three vertical and four horizontal” in the east coast city. By 2022, the expressway network will reach 110 kilometers or more. Urban infrastructure construction such as parking facilities, public facilities, public welfare facilities, and urban double repairs will also be comprehensively strengthened. Each year, more than 12 kilometers of underground integrated pipe corridors will be built, and more than 35% of the city's built-up areas will reach the sponge city standard.

In the resource digging and diving, by 2022, the city will implement a total of 99000 households in the shantytowns, transform the vacated land resources into full-scale revitalization, and foster the development of parking, education, medical and other public facilities and new services in the modern service industry. Combine the construction of sponge city to build a green community, retain the connotation features to create a charming community, strengthen the gathering point to create a beautiful community, pay attention to follow-up management to create a safe community, improve the living environment of the old community, and renovate the building area by 2.8 million square meters by 2022. And benefit 43,000 residents.

In the optimization of government service, by 2022, the examination and approval performance will be fully accelerated, and the approval business will be fully implemented with “zero errands” or “multiple runs once”. The “double random, one open” and “Internet +” supervision methods were fully implemented. The post-event supervision system was further optimized, and the quality and safety management was traced back to the source and fully controllable.