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Selection of glass curtain wall

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-03-08
  Glass curtain wall with its large glass applied to the outside wall of a building, can fully reflect the architect's imagination, showing modern building styles and playing characteristics of the glass itself, the building is unique: light, crisp, straight, modern tastes, instead of giving a fresh feeling. Along with social progress and the improvement of people's living standards in recent years, the glass curtain wall has found wide application at home and abroad, and consumption is increasing. That glass is breakable, and more commonly used in glass curtain wall street building, glass breakage is inevitable, breaking glass it is possible to cause damage to it. According to information about Beijing in 1999 alone 6498 cause glass breakage and wounding incident occurred, and there are a number of people were killed. Production technology of the glass industry in recent years has been increasing, more and more, increasing choice of glass, but how to use glass to make security better ideal of the curtain wall, glass must be have a more comprehensive understanding of security.

  1, the main factors affecting the safety of glass curtain wall

  Safety glass-curtain wall from glass breakage, falling, the Sun's unreasonable and so on. Glass breakage may cause glass fragments to fall off and hurt, may also be hurt glass piece falls off, Sun's unreasonable high reflectivity of glass on top of the reflection of light is also one of insecurity. Because glass off, sometimes even entire walls to fall off, resulting in glass is the main cause of the accident or wherever the improper construction of the glass. Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other large cities in the formulation of safety regulations to regulate the use of glass curtain wall.

  Cause analysis of 2, may cause the glass to crack, no desquamate

  Mainly due to glass selection of glass breakage, loss or problems in the construction of glass. First, glass is easy broken products, in glass surface exists many micro-crack and led to glass of strength than it of theory strength low have more, in using Shi very easy caused glass burst; second, glass in broken behind Department exposed out sharp of edge or pointed angle also very easy caused on people of hurt; third, glass especially glass curtain wall General are installation Yu more exposed of parts, easy occurred broken.

  Glass of burst except human plus force of role outside also has following several aspects: first, glass of hot burst, glass especially endothermic glass, and hot reflection glass in by Sun irradiation Shi in glass surface formed not uniform of temperature field, to in glass in the formed hot stress, dang this hot stress over glass of strength allows range occurred burst; second, glass in by wind load contains that wind pressure of role Hou, wind pressure of force over glass of strength allows range occurred burst; third, tempered glass of since storm glass occurred burst; IV And there is a large glass installation stress over time glass also burst last, and glass prior to installation or edge damage or crack during installation and occurs when the other forces burst, last, in the presence of other factors such as earthquakes, snow and ice is broken or cracked. Breakage of glass is likely to fall off and become unsafe.

  3, measures to improve the safety of glass

  Most effective measures to assure the safety glass is first and foremost to prevent glass breakage, followed by preventing glass off; third, not the glass light pollution.

  Prevent glass cracks should take into account the following aspects:

  (1) rational selection of glass panel, glass area, very easy to crack, and area determination may refer to the JGJ102-96 of the technical code for glass curtain wall engineering.

  (2) try to use glass or tempered strong glass and thermal remittance (half a glass), and in particular heat strengthened glass. The strength of tempered glass 3-5 times that of common annealed glass, can effectively protect against wind and snow loads and external shocks, but tempered glass self problems. Heat strengthened glass used by onlyTempered glassAbout half, but heat strengthened glass is not easy to blow itself up.

  (3) was elected with heat-absorbing glass, when the heat back towards the Sun-glass curtain wall, glass sheet is best to undergo heat treatment. Because this area prone to hot cracking of glass.

  (4) construction of glass curtain wall of the original piece should be carried out using the front handle, belt to the side is the most simple, fine grinding the ideal method is to remove the glass edges of the micro-cracks.

  (5) glass installation, don't leave the Assembly stress in the glass. According to the relevant standards, construction to minimize deformation of glass.

  Measures to prevent the glass off are:

  (1) select the laminated glass. Laminated glass and tempered glass is known as safety glass. Due to organic plastic interlayer laminated glass, it breaks can keep as a whole is fixed to the frame, not dropping, especially roof with glass roof, neighborhood of high-rise buildings, glass must use laminated glass on a busy shopping street.

  (2) towels glass. Towel glass in glass paste a layer of transparent thin film on the surface, in the broken remains of a whole.

  (3) try not to choose hidden framing glass curtain wall, and use a hidden way. Select hidden frame curtain wall structural adhesive and construction should pay special attention to structural adhesive qualities, and compatibility between the glass and frame, frame glass surface treatment and so on.

  Most effective way to prevent light pollution in the glass is to choose low reflectance coated glass, reflectance generally does not exceed 30%.
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