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Shower room Full introduction of the preparation

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:www. Chinamirrormanufact
  • Release on:2017-06-07
  Firecrackers in the one-year-old in addition, Spring breeze sent warm into the tusujiu, Thousand Door million Tong Tong Day, always put new peach to replace the old. At the beginning of the new year, the people who bought and decorated the House began to act in the next one years. With the improvement of people's life taste, comfort and warmth is becoming the purpose of decoration. Especially for the most important part of life-bathroom, how can it dress up the fashion and practical? Shower room Due to affordable, simple installation, full-featured and become the first choice for many consumers. However, the current market on a wide range of shower room, from the function to brand, a variety of different. How to choose the shower room article also abound, complex difficult to distinguish. This creates obstacles for the choice of consumers. Here you will choose a of the shower room to help you.
   A. The current situation of shower room in the market
  --Simple construction
  The basic structure of the shower room is the chassis plus the fence. Chassis texture has ceramic, acrylic, FRP and so on, the fence frame is aluminum alloy texture, the outer spray. The fence is lined with plastic or tempered glass doors, which can be conveniently in and out, with colored flowers or lines printed on the glass. The size of the shower room chassis is roughly 80-80 cm and 90-90 centimeters in size, and the area can be determined according to its own needs.
  --Modeling and diversity
  In addition to the common square in the shower room on the market, there are many kinds of shapes such as circle, fan, diamond shape. The doors installed on the fences are not completely detained in the usual form, with greater flexibility. Some shower room in the top of the fence with a frame with the same texture of the beam, the two ends can be fixed on both sides of the wall, on the one hand can increase the stability of the shower room, on the other hand can be used to hang items.
  The current market on the sale of the shower room has broken through the previous single white, adding a lot of bright colors, which is popular with the toilet more color decoration fashion trends, clean and decorative functions combined. In addition, at present the market can also see some shower room using a relatively rare sand blasting gold or sandblasting silver technology, color luxury, style extraordinary, but the price is relatively expensive.
  --Single origin
  Currently on the market of the shower room, its origin concentrated in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong Three places, the whole import shower room in the ordinary decoration market and rare. They generally appear in some upscale import brand stores, the price is far from the previous two. Beauty is beautiful, but not too good.
   Two. Time to buy shower room
  Shower room in the entire renovation works in the late installation, so some consumers mistakenly think to decorate late, shower room before the installation can be, in fact, this will produce unexpected trouble. Because the shower room is large electrical appliances, so wiring location, leakage protection switch device settings should be considered early, otherwise it is inevitable to rework or to the future use caused inconvenience. According to the installation personnel, in the basic decoration after the purchase shower room family, installation needs rework. If you do not rework, only the location of the leakage protection switch design in the back of the shower room, this situation will affect the future maintenance. Because in case of the use of leakage protection cut off, maintenance personnel only to remove the shower room to operate. In addition, the purchase should also be able to make sense of their home meters can withstand a large load of current. It is understood that the current shower room power more than 3500 watts. The smallest also wants 1800 watts, so before deciding to purchase also need to understand their home meter can withstand. In addition, the current trend of personalization in the bathroom industry is also very popular, some brands tend to introduce some very stylish, very personalized products, its installation and use often require a unique installation conditions to match; and, a lot of personalized, high-value products often have order cycle, short one weeks, one months long, at this time, if not in advance, to use when again, many owners often difficult to endure long waiting, had to reluctantly, have to buy something they do not like, settling. Therefore, generally speaking, the best time to buy a shower room is after the overall decoration style of the new house is set. At this time can choose the appropriate brand, style and color, and then according to the choice of shower room requirements in the construction to create the appropriate installation conditions.
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