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Song Zhiping led a delegation to visit Japanese companies such as AGC

  • Author:Panyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-11-23

From November 11th to 15th, Song Zhiping, the party secretary of China Building Materials Group, led a group delegation to Japan to visit Japan's leading companies in new materials, new energy and new housing industries to deepen exchanges, enhance understanding and promote cooperation. The main purpose is to learn the practices and experiences of Japanese enterprises' innovation and transformation, to seek the possibility of innovation cooperation between the two parties and many parties, to seek for the further improvement of the Group's management and innovation, and to lay a foundation for the Group to implement the joint development of third-party markets between China and Japan. solid foundation.


As one of the world's largest basic building materials suppliers, China National Building Material Group has completed the transformation of the two materials and proposed the transformation from “Cement King” to “Cement, New Materials, Engineering and Technical Services”. The “One Belt, One Road” overseas business is also related to Mitsubishi. The positive cooperation of the trading company Song Zhiping was invited to visit AGC Co., Ltd. (formerly: Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.), Toshiba Energy Systems, SolarFrontier, Mitsubishi Corporation, Fujita Construction, Mitsubishi Materials and Toyota Motors, and other industry leaders. He has deepened the exchange of experience and experience of Japanese companies and related industries in the process of transformation and upgrading. He has conducted in-depth research and research on the front line of enterprise production, mastered cutting-edge data, and reached consensus on the deep cooperation between various companies in the future.

Japan, which has experienced “lost 20 years”, has returned to the world stage with its cutting-edge technology and technological innovation image in various industries. The experience of Japanese enterprise management, transformation and innovation is worth learning.

AGC breaks through the traditional glass concept, promotes the functionalization of glass information, and vigorously develops the chemical business;

Toshiba Group has vigorously developed the B2B business model. In addition to nuclear power generation technology, its high-power hydrogen fuel cell power generation technology has entered the commercialization stage;

SolarFrontier develops differentiated flexible products;

Mitsubishi Corporation reshapes its organizational structure to strengthen cross-disciplinary cooperation and exchanges;

Fujita Construction uses its experience in the PC housing industry to actively promote the implementation of relevant standards in China;

Mitsubishi integrated materials cement kiln co-processing circular economy model has achieved remarkable results;


Toyota Motor has improved its core competitiveness with advanced management methods, and the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles has become the focus of attention in the world's new energy field.

In his exchanges with relevant Japanese business leaders, Song Zhiping said that the cooperation between China National Building Materials Group and Japanese companies has a long history and fruitful results. In the past two years, China National Building Material Group has experienced “two material restructuring” and “small two materials merger”. The new group is transforming, upgrading and developing from the traditional building materials industry. Cement, new materials and international engineering services business have become the group's development three. The carriage, especially the new materials and new energy business, showed great growth. China Building Materials and various companies have cooperation and possibilities in many aspects. We hope to continue to maintain in-depth exchanges with each other and make pragmatic explorations in product development, application promotion and industry standard formulation. At the same time of multi-win, we will strive to build a model of Sino-Japanese cooperation and contribute to the cooperation between China and Japan in the third-party market.