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Summary of insulating glass production

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-03-07
  , Glass cutting

  1, glass type, specifications and quality shall conform to the provisions of existing national product standards and product quality certificate.

  2, glass cutting, glass size, fan should be higher than the corresponding box (jamb) size small 4-6mm.

  Second, the decorative strip cutting, Assembly

  Size trim decorative strip of aluminium isolation, milling the grooves at the intersection, connection interface to flat seam must be small.

  Three, glass cleaning and drying

  Glass washing drying machine for the operation cleaning and drying, washing machine with horizontal, working side edge and conveying the best direction to a certain angle to prevent glass beads at the back.

  From washing out of the glass front of a meter used by Visual inspection, clear water, dust-free.

  Four, rubber Strip installation

  With a plastic strip installing install rubber on rubber Strip Assembly table, lateral strips and edges of the glass 1.5-3mm, its edges should be straight, small corner arc.


  1, strips and decorations on top of the glass washing, the sides from the glass edge uniform.

  2, closes another piece of glass. Note to the edges aligned.

  Six, hot

  Hot press after merging into the context of heat and pressure, to required size. Strip temperature 37.7-38.8 ° c is most suitable.

  Seven, mark

  Insulating glassIn the interval box or glass bottom right shall be marked with the following:

  A. manufacturer's name or trademark.

  B. serial number of the products and factory.

  Outside the box shall be marked with product specifications, quantity, manufacturer, name and rainproof, fragile, or trademark symbols.

  Eight, packaging

  Insulating glass packing in wooden boxes or containers. Each box should be packed in the same specifications of the product. Between the outer surface of the glass should be filled with the backing paper and other materials. Should be attached to the certificate box.

  Nine, transport

  Insulating glass is transported must be placed vertically. Length and moving in the same direction, and fixed. Transports need to be rain protection measures.

  Ten, storage

  Insulating glass should be placed on the shelf, the State Department must be perpendicular to the supporting plane, bottom shelf 6 °-10 ° with the horizontal angle must be adhered with a felt or rubber. Warehouse must be dry and ventilated.
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